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When Life Gives You Pumpkins, Make Pumpkin Bisque!

It’s Halloween time again and the stores in Madrid are halfheartedly decorated with a pumpkin or two. It’s not quite as obvious as in the US, but the eager Spaniards are quickly catching on—advertisements for haunted theme parks crowd the metro and Halloween costumes are sold at every neighborhood...
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Antonia’s Salmorejo Recipe

My mother-in-law, Antonia, makes the world’s best salmorejo. Read on for her traditional Andalusian salmorejo recipe (and learn her secret to the creamiest version!). Salmorejo is something you’ll find on menus throughout Spain, but the best salmorejo is always found in the south. On a hot day, there is...
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Salmorejo and Strange Foods

This week in my classes we are focusing on food. The class begins by thinking about one of our human rights, the right to food, and how people in countries all over the world don’t have enough. In fact, yesterday morning, as I checked before my classes, I...
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