Recipes From My Spanish Kitchen

Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach and Chickpeas)

Espinacas con garbanzos recipe

It’s one of those dishes that you keep thinking about long after you’ve taken the last bite. I first ordered espinacas con garbanzos in Seville, convinced by a friend that this simple sounding spinach and chickpea stew was a Spanish culinary masterpiece. Served piping hot, it was as comforting as any homemade stew should be, […]

Traditional Spanish Sangria Recipe

traditional Spanish Sangria recipe

In the time before food blogs and Tripadvisor, tourists came to Spain expecting little more than paella, sangria and flamenco, opting to eat microwaved paella over traditional tapas, and to watch choreographed flamenco instead of enjoying a Spanish style night out. While these types of tourists still exist, people are definitely savvying up and food and travel […]

Tuna Belly, Blood Orange and Avocado Spanish Salad Recipe

Spanish salad recipes

Ventresca de atún (tuna belly) is a gourmet canned product here in Spain that puts your average can of tuna fish to shame. Especially when it’s a can of wild Atlantic bluefin tuna (ventresca de atún rojo salvaje), fished by the old Phoenician method called Almadraba. I received a can of this delicious tuna as […]

Gambas al Ajillo Recipe (Spanish Garlic Shrimp)

gambas al ajillo recipe, garlic shrimp recipe

When my mother-in-law makes gambas al ajillo, everyone seems to be right on time for dinner. We scarf down our salmorejo and croquetas de jamón– first courses that are only a buffer before the true plato del día. Her gambas al ajillo are fantastic, rivaled only by the ones at Madrid’s famous Casa del Abuelo […]

Hake with Onions and Dill (Merluza Encebollada con Eneldo)

Spanish fish recipes, hake recipes

People on my food tours are always fascinated to find that fish plays such an important role in the Madrileño cuisine. As a very central capital (located about three hours or so from the Spanish coast) I understand their confusion. But the fact is, you can get excellent quality fish and seafood in Madrid’s markets […]