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Main Courses

Step aside, tapas. As delicious as small plates can be, some of Spain’s most impressive dishes are these Spanish main courses.

But, like all the best Spanish recipes, you don’t need any fancy ingredients or knowledge of complicated techniques to make these dishes. Even visually stunning dishes like the iconic seafood paella are actually quite simple!

Try a hearty and delicious main for an easy family meal, like chicken and chorizo stew. Or take it back to basics with Spanish roast chicken or tuna pasta for a simple yet delicious crowd pleaser! No matter which recipe you choose, any of these main courses capture the flavors and essence of Spanish cuisine at its most delicious.

Spanish Roast Chicken

One of my favorite easy weekend meals is this Spanish roast chicken recipe. It takes only 15 minutes to prepare and when it comes out of the oven it's the most flavorful and juicy chicken I've ever tasted!
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Tuna Pasta

This easy tuna pasta recipe is a Spanish classic. It uses ingredients most people have on hand, and is ready in only 30 minutes. It's perfect for anyone who wants a homemade healthy pasta dinner without any fuss!
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Spanish Bull Tail Stew (Rabo de Toro Recipe)

One of the most delicious cold-weather dishes in Spain is bull tail (nowadays oxtail) stew. This easy rabo de toro recipe is a Spanish classic, served in traditional restaurants throughout the country. You can make it at home with my mother-in-law's traditional recipe.
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7 Easy Spanish Chicken Recipes

There’s nothing more satisfying than an easy chicken recipe to spice up your week! These traditional Spanish chicken recipes are quick and delicious, freeze well, and reheat even better. In true Spanish fashion, they are made with only a few simple ingredients—the fresher the better. Whether you want to...
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Easy Spanish Chicken and Chorizo Stew Recipe

Today David shares a recipe you’re unlikely to find at restaurants. This Spanish chicken and chorizo stew is one of the homemade meals you’ll find in Spanish kitchens, simmering away!  My Spanish chicken and chorizo stew is a go-to recipe for an easy weeknight meal. It’s simple to prepare...
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