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Holiday Food

Here in Spain, every celebration has a particular food (sometimes more than one!) to go along with it. From Three Kings Day in January until the Christmas and New Years celebrations in December and everything in between, these recipes for Spanish holiday food are the perfect way to bring an especially festive touch to your table.

Try some polvorones (Spanish Christmas cookies) during the next holiday season, and be sure to whip up some tasty torrijas (a cross between french toast and bread pudding) for Easter. There are even a few recipes for Spanish holiday food that we enjoy for multiple festive events—like roscos fritos (fried donuts), which are typical of both the winter holidays and Holy Week in the spring!

And because every celebratory meal deserves a taste of Spain, I’ve even dreamed up some Spanish holiday food that would be perfect for non-Spanish holidays. Try my Manchego mashed potatoes or green beans with anchovy dressing to put a Spanish twist on your next Thanksgiving dinner!

Fried Donut Recipe (Roscos Fritos)

This simple fried donut recipe comes from Andalusia, where they're popular around Christmas and Easter. It's a classic cake donut recipe, without yeast, meaning they are ready in no time. If easy, quick, and delicious donuts sound like your thing, don't miss these!
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Roscón de Reyes Recipe (Spanish Kings’ Cake)

Today David is preparing for the Spanish holidays with his roscón de reyes recipe! This popular Spanish kings’ cake starts making an appearance in pastry shop windows around this time of year (mid-November), and is the perfect snack alongside a thick cup of Spanish hot chocolate! If you’ve ever...
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23 Delicious Spanish Thanksgiving Recipes

Spanish Thanksgiving recipes? But isn’t Thanksgiving an American (and Canadian!) holiday? Sure, that’s true, but as an American living in Spain, I’ve hosted more Thanksgivings here than back home! And I have some fantastic tips and recipes for Spanish Thanksgiving recipes. These may not be traditional, but they sure...
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