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Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables Recipe

It’s as simple as it sounds, and something I make weekly for my family at home. These Mediterranean roasted vegetables are flavorful and healthy — today David shares his recipe.  I’ll never understand people who say they don’t like vegetables. What’s not to love?! They can be sweet, savory,...
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Traditional Spanish Sofrito Recipe

Today David shares an easy recipe for the base of many Spanish classics. His simple sofrito recipe is an essential ingredient! The secret to Spanish cooking is sofrito.  You might not know it, but it’s the base of most of Spain’s most iconic dishes. Paella, empanadas, different stews and slow-cooked...
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Mojo Picón Sauce Recipe

This easy and delicious mojo picón sauce recipe makes the perfect condiment! In the Canary Islands there is no doubt that the sauce of choice is the slightly spicy mojo picón. The red version is my favorite, a bit smokey and spicy, and perfect when served with the small,...
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