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Here in Spain, drinks—both alcoholic and non-alcoholic—make every moment and meal extra special. From the first cup of coffee at the local cafe-bar in the morning to the last round of cocktails in the evening, drinks are an essential part of Spanish cuisine and culture.

Whether you’re socializing with friends or just enjoying a quiet night at home alone, there’s a refreshing and relaxing Spanish drink out there for everyone!

Not sure where to start? Try my authentic Spanish sangria mocktail recipe or classic tinto de verano (an even easier red wine cocktail). Both are cool and refreshing, and perfectly capture the essence of Spanish summertime.

If you need something cozier, I’ve got you covered, too. Start your day with a piping hot cup of Spanish-style café con leche, or keep yourself warm on those cold nights with my authentic Spanish hot chocolate!

Rose Sangria Recipe

Today David shares a very important warm weather treat– his famous rose sangria recipe! Perfect for lazy afternoons and long lunches, this rose wine cocktail is a must-try. Summer is around the corner, and with it comes the season of barbecues and pool-side relaxation. Personally, I know of no...
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