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Caldo de Pollo Recipe (Spanish Broth)

This easy and delicious caldo de pollo recipe makes the perfect Spanish broth. This flavorful chicken bone broth can be enjoyed plain, used as a base for Spanish chicken soup, or used as homemade chicken stock in any recipe. Caldo de pollo is simple to make from scratch, and...
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Delicious Melon Gazpacho Recipe

I am pro gazpacho in any form, from my mother-in-law’s traditional Andalusian recipe to David’s refreshing melon gazpacho he shares today. I pity people who go all summer long without eating gazpacho. This cold Spanish soup is a summertime lifesaver, and every abuela has her own favorite recipe! The classic gazpacho is...
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Caldo Verde Recipe – Traditional Portuguese Soup

Today Melissa shares one of the most quintessential Portuguese recipes — and lets us in on the secrets behind a homemade caldo verde recipe! If you want a taste of traditional Portuguese cuisine, this caldo verde recipe is the perfect project. Simple and delicious, it’s a crowd-pleasing favorite that...
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Cherry Gazpacho Recipe

Spain is the unchallenged champion of cold soups. You’ve got the nutty, garlicky goodness of a classic ajo blanco malagueño, the creamy voluptuousness of salmorejo, as well as the undisputed king of them all; gazpacho.  This Andalusian specialty is a must for anyone experiencing the summer heat of southern...
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