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When you think of Spanish food, soup may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But believe it or not, soups and stews actually make up a major food group in the Spanish diet! Try some of these typical Spanish soup recipes to bring the flavors of Spain to your table.

Cold soups reign supreme in the sweltering Spanish summertime. My authentic gazpacho recipe is a great starting point, as is its creamier cousin salmorejo. Once you’ve mastered the basics, try putting a twist on the classics with recipes like watermelon gazpacho and beet salmorejo!

Then, when the cold weather rolls around, heartier Spanish soup recipes can be found on every table and restaurant menu. My chorizo-packed Spanish lentil soup is a classic, and if you want something lighter yet still warming, try a hot cup of caldo de pollo (Spanish chicken broth)!

Caldo de Pollo Recipe (Spanish Broth)

This easy and delicious caldo de pollo recipe makes the perfect Spanish broth. This flavorful chicken bone broth can be enjoyed plain, used as a base for Spanish chicken soup, or used as homemade chicken stock in any recipe. Caldo de pollo is simple to make from scratch, and...
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Delicious Melon Gazpacho Recipe

I am pro gazpacho in any form, from my mother-in-law’s traditional Andalusian recipe to David’s refreshing melon gazpacho he shares today. I pity people who go all summer long without eating gazpacho. This cold Spanish soup is a summertime lifesaver, and every abuela has her own favorite recipe! The classic gazpacho is...
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Caldo Verde Recipe – Traditional Portuguese Soup

Today Melissa shares one of the most quintessential Portuguese recipes — and lets us in on the secrets behind a homemade caldo verde recipe! If you want a taste of traditional Portuguese cuisine, this caldo verde recipe is the perfect project. Simple and delicious, it’s a crowd-pleasing favorite that...
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