Easy & Authentic Spanish Vegetarian Recipes - Spanish Sabores


Spain sometimes gets a bad rap for its pork and seafood obsession, but the local cuisine is much more nuanced than that. Go a little deeper and you’ll discover that there are plenty of excellent Spanish vegetarian recipes, many of which are as traditional (and delicious!) as they come.

A few classic options are salmorejo (a chilled tomato soup), Padrón peppers (flash-fried tiny green peppers with plenty of sea salt), and spinach and chickpea stew. These dishes have been a part of Spain’s cuisine for centuries, so you know they’re the real deal.

But today you’ll also find plenty of modern vegan and vegetarian tapas too, like fresh and delicious lentil salad and Spanish-style hummus. No matter if you go the traditional or the modern route, you’ll soon see that there are plenty of excellent Spanish vegetarian recipes you’ll love!

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