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Beyond Paella: Discovering Spanish Rice in Murcia

Welcome to Murcia; home to rice paddies, vegetable gardens, and some of the best arroces (rice dishes) in Spain. Largely undiscovered by mass tourism, Murcia is nestled below popular Valencia and is well worth a visit for the food alone. Just don’t order “paella”… No Paella? Not that anyone seems...
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Flavors of Murcia

A perfect mix of coast and mountains located between Valencia and Andalusia, Murcia is yet another culinary dream come true. I know I keep saying that as I travel through Spain, but can I help it that my adopted country has some damn impressive cuisine? Sometimes I feel like...
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Sights of Small Town Murcia

Located on the southeastern coast of Spain nestled between Valencia and Andalusia, Murcia is a place that few people ever visit on their package tour of Spain. Even those who travel without a guidebook generally skirt this Spanish province, opting instead for the small villages and coastal towns of...
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