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13 Reasons You Should Never Eat in Poland

Polish food 101

My 2013 trip to Poland was intense and emotional. I never expected to fall so in love with the country. Thinking about it now I get little heart flutters– it was that special. Over a two week period I met family that we had never even known existed, and accepted their kindness and love as if we had grown up together. I was also able to share this very special time with my mother, something neither of us will ever forget.

I always planned to write about our trip in detail, but a year and a half later I’ve barely started. I still have so much to tell, but I guess I’m afraid it won’t come out the right way– afraid it won’t do justice to the amazing people and places we discovered.

Inspired by the latest article about Poland on Buzzfeed, I’ve compiled my own list– 27 reasons you should never eat in Poland. It’s a start to sharing some of the magic with the world!

1. Some people say Polish food is too heavy and filled with potatoes.

Polish food
Polish mashed potatoes with dill.

2. Potatoes sneak in everywhere– like in these terrible pierogi stuffed with potatoes and chives (the horror!)

Polish food 101
Delicious potato and chive pierogi

3. Others have it out for the breakfasts– how could you eat all of that in the morning?

Polish breakfast
A typical Polish breakfast spread
Polish food
Creamy deviled eggs with caviar for breakfast? Sure!

4. And the fresh squeezed juice in the Polish cafés has too much pulp!

Polish cuisine
Freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice

5. Vegetables are covered in buttery breadcrumbs, what an atrocity…

Polish food
Baked cauliflower

6. And there’s simply too much pork

Polish pork
Exhibit A
Polish meat
Exhibit B
Polish food
Exhibit C

7. And far too much cabbage

Polish coleslaw
Polish coleslaw
Polish cabbage salad
Polish cabbage salad

8. And sometimes the two combine!

polish golabki
Polish golabki
polish golabki
Pork + Cabbage = Love

9. And the worst thing of all? Everyone knows how to cook! And they cook everything from scratch!

Homemade soup
Homemade soup

10. Cream puffs

Polish cuisine
Homemade Polish cream puffs

11. Cheesecake

Homemade Polish cheesecake
Homemade Polish cheesecake

12. Chicken soup

Polish chicken soup
Polish chicken soup

13. Even crepes damn it!

Polish nalesniki
Polish nalesniki

So really, do yourself a favor, stay clear of Poland as a culinary destination (you’ve been warned!).

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I was so proud to visit my family's ancestral homeland of Poland recently. And of course, as a foodie, my favorite part was devouring the traditional, authentic Polish recipes straight from the source! Here were a few of my favorite bites, from appetizers to dinner to dessert.


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  1. You do nothing about polish food. Maybe you tryd all of the dishes in 1 star restaurant. Your post is absolutely ridicalous. Hater

  2. As a German I’d consider polish cuisine not so far from that of my own home country – but a polish specialty that I absolutely appreciate is Bigosz (even though they don’t make a fuss over it, it’s delicious, especially when reheated the next day)..
    Barszcz, Pierogi and Blini are great stuff but also common across most of Eastern Europe.

  3. As someone who’s part Polish I love the cuisine in Poland. I think these judgements are very harsh and extremely opinionative – opinion is fine but to tell everyone to dodge polish cuisine entirely is a great mistake in my eyes. This post isn’t suitable for public eyes and i hope you realise culture is a touchy subject.

  4. You should add ‘bigos’ to this list! As if there wasn’t enough cabbage and pork in the selection 😉 I also recommend ‘schabowy’ which is a pork patty in crumbs usually served with potatoes and salad. Rice with ‘potrawka’ is my fave, too (http://czterylewerecewkuchni.blogspot.com/2016/05/potrawka-z-kurczaka-z-ryzem-groszkiem-i.html) I live abroad and my husband’s cooking skills are everything! I don’t think we could survive without our beloved Polish dishes!

  5. Polish people definitely know how to cook 🙂 I always try to discover new bars and restaurants with yummy food 🙂 My favorite Warsaw’s spots is a bar in the centre called Bubbles. They specialize in champagnes but also serve some delicious food – Polish too. Everything there is so delicious!

  6. Haha, great article! I love Polish food, everything is soo delicious:) Everytime I visit Poland I go to different Polish restaurants to eat their local food. Last time I have discovered a great restaurant in Warsaw – it is called the Akademia Restaurant. They serve Polish food but in modern version. Their food is high quality, always fresh and very tasty. Can’t wait to go there again.

  7. For the first moment I was shocked..
    Cool you like our food. Next time try to find ‘bigos’ but you must try in few different places… it is somthink complitly different than all and it is delicious..

    Regards from Gdańsk

  8. Ok have your ever tried polish food no! So dont judge it like that because i am polish and polish food is the 1st favourite food in the world so start thinking and not being stupid and my fav polish food is rosul

    1. Anna, I don’t think you understood the sarcastic undertone of this very flattering and obviously positive blog article… I laughed and nodded… till the end 🙂

      Dorota from Warsaw, now in Atlanta

  9. Hello from Poland, Cracow!
    Glad to know you liked our cuisine! Or rather disliked? 😉
    There’s much more to know about it anyway! My spanish boyfriend absolutely loves to eat polish food.

  10. I should definitely never go to Poland-thanks for the heads up! 😉 My husband used to work with a lot of Polish people and they are also hearty drinkers!

      1. I swear to God, I used to be known for my acoholic intake-we went to a Christmas party, they drank me under he table!

  11. Pierogi, great! You found them. But you did not have them with f.ex. meat or with cabbage an forest mushrooms. Or forest sweetiests blueberries. There were nothing about soups like polish borsch or white borsch. Pork? Yes, a lot of. And fishes ? No fishes ? Directly from moutain rivers trout? or polish salmon?

    1. Mmm all you are saying sounds great! We did eat a lot of soups too (there’s a mushroom one pictured and a beetroot (borsch) that I didn’t fit in!) We did also have pierogi with meat and also with mushrooms and blueberries and sour cream (my favorite!). Unfortunately we didn’t eat much fish while there– next time!

  12. I’ve never thought of Poland as somewhere that had good cuisine, but that was silly of me because all of that looks so delicious! Especially all of that potato goodness.

  13. These pictures look DELICIOUS and look like they really do the dishes justice. I’d love to try those deviled eggs with caviar…such an interesting combination!

  14. I would say to me, the most delicious polish food ever is pashztet! omg! never had something as great. After that, pierogi w/ bacon 😉

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