Spanish Sandwiches - Spanish Sabores


While tapas and rice dishes may be some of the best-known images of Spanish food (especially abroad), Spain’s cuisine is full of surprises. One unexpected staple of the local diet: simple Spanish sandwiches!

Sandwiches in Spain can have different names depending on the size and type of bread they’re prepared on. They tend to be simple and made with just a handful of ingredients—sometimes even just one—but that doesn’t mean they’re not delicious!

Some Spanish sandwiches are universally beloved, like bocadillos (Spain’s answer to the sub, served on slices of long baguette-style bread) with fillings like cured ham or pork loin. Others can be very regional.

Take your tastebuds on a journey to Madrid with my fried calamari sandwich recipe—the street food of choice in the Spanish capital! Or if you’re craving a taste of southern Spain, try the Andalusian serranito sandwich with slices of pork, cured ham, tomato, green pepper, and garlic mayonnaise (alioli).

8 Must-Try Spanish Sandwiches

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El Serranito: The Best Sandwich Ever!

Spain’s Best Sandwich (& Best Deal): El Serranito   Have you ever eaten a sandwich so good that while enjoying it, the world just seemed a better place? I have! Spain’s Serranito, when made the right way, is quite possibly the most delicious sandwich Spain has to offer. It...
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