Fit for a King: A Tour of the Old Kitchens of Madrid’s Palacio Real

Madrid Palacio Real

When I heard that the old kitchens at Madrid’s enormous Royal Palace were going to open for visitors for the first time ever, I was intrigued. What would the kitchens that were once used to feed Spanish royalty look like? I really couldn’t imagine– I don’t think I’ve ever been in such an old kitchen before.

As a part of attending Madrid Fusión, I was invited to a private tour of the kitchens for the press. This was incredible, because it meant I got to take pictures when most people are not allowed. The other people taking tours were not too happy about this fact, often letting us and our tour guide know that…

Royal Palace Madrid

We didn’t have much time for the tour, so we didn’t get to linger and explore hardly any of the other 3,418 rooms. But we did get a glimpse at the royal dining room, “The Gallivanting Room” as our tour guide called it. It was impressive, filled with chandeliers that she told us contained 1,000 candles each! The table was long and narrow, and the only difference between the King and Queen’s chairs and the others was a couple of inches of extra height– they get to be taller apparently. I can only imagine what this room would look like with the table set. Perhaps one day I’ll get invited?

Royal Palace Tour Madrid Cutlery

The Royal cutlery

Royal Palace Madrid Silver Plate

Palacio Real Madrid gastrofestival

Signs kept reminding us we were not supposed to enter the kitchens!

Royal Palace Madrid Kitchen Tour Long Hallway

We followed our guide down a creepy hallway…

The elevator to bring up the food

The first sight of the kitchen was what our guide called the “dumbwaiter”, an elevator to whisk the food upstairs!

Madrid Palace Kitchen

The many rooms of the Royal Palace kitchens.

Royal Palace stove Madrid

The Royal stove, oven, and some copper molds. 

The Royal seal on copper molds

See the Royal crest?

Copper pots and pans Madrid Royal Palace

Copper Mold Royal Palace Madrid

There were so many cake molds!

Madrid royal kitchens

A prep table, kitchen sink, refrigerator, and stove.

Royal paella pans

The Royal paella pans.

Royal Kitchen Tour Madrid

The decorative Royal crest and the dark coal chamber. 

Madrid Palacio Real in the evening

The tour was very interesting, and it was impressive to see such an enormous and old kitchen. I wish I could imagine how it used to look when in use. I would have loved to have seen how they stored the ingredients and how many people would typically be working to prepare a Royal banquet. Not to mention what the menu would have been…

You can visit the Royal Palace kitchens as a part of this year’s Gastrofestival. Reserve early to ensure a spot!


    1. Copper is gorgeous, about the floor, not sure on that one! Being invited to go with the press was awesome to be able to take photos, but apart from that it was the same tour that is being offered this year for Gastrofestival. A cool way to visit the palace for sure!

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