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Eating Alpujarras: Typical Alpujarran Food

Las Alpujarras is one of those enchanting places that gets under your skin, tempting you to sell off your possessions in exchange for a simpler life. It’s beautiful in an almost mystical way, probably due to its colorful history as a place of refuge. Located throughout these mountains are...
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The Beauty of Las Alpujarras

White washed homes, pointy chimneys, stray cats in the sun… Las Alpujarras is a place of beauty and serenity. It is extremely picturesque, in the same way that some of the world’s most famous (and touristy) cities are. But this place isn’t very visited in comparison to places like...
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Escaping to Las Alpujarras: Casa Ana

When a friend emailed me out of the blue, telling me she was working at a B&B in a tiny mountain town in Granada’s Las Alpujarras, I was immediately nostalgic for the magical area I’d come to know 6 years prior while studying in Granada city. My friend wanted...
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