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The Quarter Life Expat Crisis

Questioning My Decisions as an Expatriate Life as an expat in Spain isn’t always tapas, siestas, and fun in the sun. Contrary to popular belief, expats don’t usually spend their days shopping, eating out, and traveling. We have to work, cook dinner, do laundry, pay bills and efile taxes…...
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When Taking the Bus Is Your Best Option

We’ve just started our 8-hour bus ride to Madrid and, until opening my computer, I’ve been enjoying the scenery of Andalucía. Arid farmland with white windmills in the background, a shepard with his enormous flock of black and white sheep, a small, whitewashed village with a castle in the...
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Ten Things To Bring With You When Moving To Spain

As many of you are packing your suitcases for the big move, I’ve gotten many messages asking me what to bring with you when moving to Spain. The following are my top 10 choices beyond the obvious essentials. Good luck meeting the airline’s weight requirements—but just remember that $50...
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11 Best TEFL Resources

Since so many people found my post on advice for an auxiliar helpful, I thought that everyone would appreciate the links to my favorite TESOL/TEFL resources. Hopefully it’ll save you time and effort in sorting through the millions of websites out there! As I’ve mentioned, I arrived in Spain...
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