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A Lechazo in Logroño

After our wonderful day in Burgos, our road trip took us through the vineyards of La Rioja, all the way to its capital, Logroño. Our original plan was to stop at one of the many wineries in the area to sample the world famous Rioja Wine, and then to...
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Dreaming of a Spanish Road Trip

A Perfect Spanish Road Trip: Madrid – Zaragoza – Logroño – Burgos – Madrid This summer I was supposed to travel— I mean really travel. We had tentative plans to take off and explore exciting and inviting destinations throughout Central and Northern Europe. I had already started out with researching car...
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Logroño, Spain: Put it on Your Radar!

Why Logroño, Spain is an Up and Coming Destination Getaway By: Elizabeth Carlson of Young Adventuress When people plan a trip to Spain, I can honestly say very few of them choose to go to Logroño. This is not because it isn’t worth visiting, but rather because few people...
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