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Christmas Lights in Madrid 2012

Christmas traditions can be hard to keep when living far away from friends and family. Sure, you can watch your family decorate the tree and bake cookies through Skype, but it’ll never be the same (and will probably only make you feel worse and really jealous of the cookies…)....
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Miraflores Park: Seville’s Secret Oasis

Have You Discovered Miraflores Park? Springtime in Seville is lovely. The smell of blooming orange blossoms fills the air, and it seems like people are always enjoying a drink and some olives on a restaurant terrace. It is the type of sunny weather that makes people want to go out...
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Pictures from a Photogenic Day

As we left Madrid for Extremadura the forecast was predicting a weekend of rain and thunderstorms but, luckily, the sun was determined to shine. Over the next few days white puffy clouds filled the sky, threatening a storm that never came. It was what I like to call photogenic...
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