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The Homeless Expat

“Home is where the heart is.” Well, that either means I have no heart or no home, because my heart is broken apart among family members I miss and beautiful places I’ve traveled, and my home is somewhere between Massachusetts and Madrid. A tiny piece of my heart is...
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My Spain Story: The Proposal

A Hitch In His Plans We were all packed for our romantic weekend in France. Our alarms rang at 4:00 a.m. (Ryanair) and we got ready to head to the airport. Luckily, I checked my email first. Airport traffic controllers were striking and all flights were canceled– Marseille would...
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My Spain Story: Meeting Alejandro

I’m not a very mushy mashy, lovey dovey type of person. But today I would like to forget about recipes and weekend getaways and begin to talk a little bit about why I live in Spain and share my Spanish wedding experience. Exactly one year ago I was in my...
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My Crazy & Beautiful 2011

I always dreamed of living abroad and learning another language. And now, whether I can believe it or not,  here I am, going on three years of expat life and claiming fluency in Spanish. 2011 has been one of the fullest and most important years in my life. When...
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Counting Down the Days

Christmas is Coming! Braving the center of Madrid the weekend before Christmas isn’t very fun, but when your in-laws are in town you don’t have much of a choice! Luckily, this weekend was gorgeous and we spent the minimum amount of time in the center (staying just long enough...
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