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My Spain Story: The Proposal

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A Hitch In His Plans

We were all packed for our romantic weekend in France. Our alarms rang at 4:00 a.m. (Ryanair) and we got ready to head to the airport. Luckily, I checked my email first. Airport traffic controllers were striking and all flights were canceled– Marseille would have to wait! Little did I know that this really put a hitch in Alejandro’s plans for the weekend… he had planned to propose on the romantic walk up to the Notre Dame Basilica.

View of Marseille
The view of Marseille from Notre Dame, where Ale planned to propose!

I was disappointed about the cancelation but had somewhat expected it, as the strikes had been publicized for days. Ale suggested we hop on the next train to his parent’s home in El Puerto de Santa María. If we couldn’t go to France, at least we could hang out at the beach. 

We arrived to El Puerto early and decided to take the ferry to Cádiz across the bay. Cádiz is one of my favorite cities in Spain. Quaint, old, and lively, I love spending an afternoon walking around and relaxing over tapas or on the beautiful beach.

We got to Cádiz around noon and Ale was adamant on going straight to the beach. I believe his exact words were (mind you, it’s only noon) “Lets go! We have to get to the beach before the sun goes away!”

I thought his behavior was a bit strange; a normally laid back gaditano (guy from Cádiz) had suddenly transformed into a hurried American-type on a tight schedule. What was the rush?

A Beach Proposal

I was almost out of breath trying to keep up with him, hill after hill to La Caleta Beach. Finally we arrived. The day was beautiful; it was December but is was about 55 degrees and sunny. The beach, however, was practically deserted and we had our choice of gorgeous spots.

La Caleta Beach Proposal
Me, Pre-Proposal on the Beach

We sat down and relaxed, talked a little and simply listened to the waves crashing. The next thing I remember is Ale saying something like “What’s that?” and pointing to something in the sand (yes, I know– a bit cheesy!). I actually didn’t see anything and was a bit confused, but then I saw the box.

Inside was a simple ring, a white gold band with a tiny diamond. I barely remember anything else– I was so excited, nervous…surprised! I do remember saying “Yes!” to which Ale responded “Are you sure?” I still laugh about him asking me if I was sure, I mean did he want me to reconsider?

happy couple
Post-Postposal Happy Couple!

Ring on my finger and smile on my face, we went to have lunch at a beautiful seafood restaurant. Later we walked around to see the Christmas lights that had recently gone up. I couldn’t stop smiling and couldn’t wait to get home and call my family.

Cadiz Christmas Lights
The pretty Xmas lights in Cádiz

In retrospect I am so happy that our flight was cancelled and that Ale proposed in Cádiz instead. It is a place that is really special to both of us, and somewhere we can return to easily. Every time we visit we take an obligatory stroll down the beach to the spot where he proposed and we reflect a little on how far we’ve come as a couple. Who would have guessed?

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