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Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Pintxo Recipe

Today David shares one of Spain’s winning combinations: goat cheese and caramelized onion pintxos, yum! Among all of humanity’s inventions, nothing tops the genius of pintxos. They’re (often) simple, eye-catching, and delicious!  These small slices of crusty bread topped with delicious savory morsels are an amazing way to eat your...
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Gambas al Ajillo Pintxo Recipe

The first time I tried gambas al ajillo I was blown away by the flavor. How could something so simple taste so good?! It was a simple tapa, just a clay pot with a few large shrimp, more garlic than seemed necessary, and a couple of small, hot peppers. (Well,...
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Bilbao: Pintxo by Pintxo

Why the Food in Bilbao is Worth the Trip Bilbao, Spain is only a few short hours from Madrid, and easily accessible by car, bus, plane or train. We visited Bilbao last month (read about what to do in Bilbao) for our first anniversary and absolutely loved discovering this...
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