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Best Bites in Boston

I was home in Massachusetts for 10 whole days, but it felt so much shorter. My main motivation for the visit was the amazing chance to speak at the Women in Travel Summit, an event put on by the inspiring ladies at Wanderful. I chose to extend the trip...
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5 Things I’m Loving in the US

Before visiting the US I always make a quick list of what I want to do and, more importantly, what I want to eat. Some of the choices (like clam chowder and bagels) are predictable and respectably deserving of anyone’s “need to eat while home” list. Other things (such...
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The Homeless Expat

“Home is where the heart is.” Well, that either means I have no heart or no home, because my heart is broken apart among family members I miss and beautiful places I’ve traveled, and my home is somewhere between Massachusetts and Madrid. A tiny piece of my heart is...
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Explaining American Cuisine

Expats often have the fun task of explaining very complicated things about their home country to people with very little knowledge (and often a lot of prejudice) about the subject. This is an article I’ve written for my new website, Recetas Americanas, a site where I try my best...
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A Nostalgic Look At Summer

As summer winds down and the nights turn cold I can’t help but feel a bit sad. After all, one might say that summer 2011 was the most important one of my life. I got married (twice), made the decision to move to Spain for good (well, for now),...
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Mom’s Medicine: Homemade Zucchini Bread

Best Ever Homemade Zucchini Bread Recipe The past few years have proven that a quick cure for homesickness is comfort food. I suppose it’s because most of us will always associate certain foods and flavors with where we spent our childhood. My medicine comes in the form of pancakes...
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