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Best Bites in Boston

best pork in boston

I was home in Massachusetts for 10 whole days, but it felt so much shorter. My main motivation for the visit was the amazing chance to speak at the Women in Travel Summit, an event put on by the inspiring ladies at Wanderful. I chose to extend the trip to spend time with my family, and to also eat as much in Boston as possible in such a short time!

I arrived home a week prior to the conference, just in time for my niece’s birthday party. Princesses, American girl dolls, family… it was wonderful. The worst part of expat life for me is missing my family and not seeing my little nieces and nephews on a regular basis. But that’s the tradeoff.

bella birthday
Birthday party fun!

The next few days were spent preparing my presentation for the conference. I spoke about blog monetization, highlighting the different methods that travel bloggers are currently using to make a full time living from their blogs. I presented some really interesting case studies from hard working women who run sites like Travel Fashion Girl, Her Packing List, and The Blonde Abroad.

And I ate! Lots and lots of food. My parents had the right idea when they greeted me off of my flight with a piping hot bowl of Legal Seafood clam chowder. They know me so well! Over the course of the week I has homemade pancakes and waffles (with REAL maple syrup), fresh blueberries, mom’s homemade German chocolate cake, delicious steak, more clam chowder, and plenty more.

I was only in Boston for a few days of the trip, but made the most of every spare moment to try something new and delicious. Here are my top picks (for now)!

Cheat Sheet: The Best Bites in Boston

  1. Donuts at Blackbird Donuts
  2. Pho at Pho Pasteur
  3. Pizza at Pizzeria Regina
  4. Chowder at Union Oyster House
  5. Dumplings at Gourmet Dumpling House
  6. Sticky bun at Flour Bakery
  7. Brussel sprouts at The Oak Long Bar + Kitchen
  8. Pork belly at Liquid Art House
  9. Italian pork sandwich at the Salty Pig

Homemade Doughnuts

best doughnuts in boston

Totally worth the walk through Boston’s South End, the only thing I didn’t like about Blackbird doughnuts was the lack of a seating area to enjoy their amazing doughnuts and coffee. Then again, it could be embarrassing for those of us who pretend to buy for a group but are really just eating multiple doughnuts by ourselves (anyone…?).

Blackbird Doughnuts: 492 Tremont St, Boston


best pho in Boston

I am no pho expert by any means, but I heard from various sources that this was among Boston’s best. There was something comforting about the restaurant, it was buzzing with people of all nationalities, speaking a variety of languages, and peppered with solo diners such as myself. I ordered a steaming bowl of pho and some pork spring rolls, and enjoyed comfort food at its best.

Pho Pasteur: 682 Washington St, Boston


best food in boston
Robyn Lee/Flickr CC

There’s no better pizza in Boston. But you MUST go to the original location. For whatever reason Pizzeria Regina franchised its name many moons ago, resulting in totally mediocre shopping mall and fast food restaurants popping up all over the state. Wait in the line, get the real stuff, and enjoy!

Regina Pizzeria: 11 1/2 Thacher St, Boston

Clam Chowder

Union oyster house best chowder in boston
jpellgen/Flickr CC

I LOVE clam chowder– it might even be one of my top food choices of all time (like last meal worthy…). Boston has its fair share of wonderful clam chowder, but for an excellent version with a dose of Boston charm and history (try to sit at the Kennedy booth!), you must visit Union Oyster House.

The Union Oyster House: 41 Union St, Boston

Soup Dumplings

best dim sum in boston

How had I never heard of soup dumplings?! These perfectly shaped flavor explosions are filled with piping hot soup and a piece of meat. As long as you don’t get over eager (or the roof of your mouth will suffer) and can successfully use chopsticks (and don’t make the waitstaff laugh at your failed attempts) you should enjoy these just fine!

Gourmet Dumpling House: 52 Beach St, Boston

Sticky bun

best cafe in boston

Just looking at this picture makes me sad. Sad because I know I can’t eat this anywhere but Boston. It is a true work of sticky bun perfection, by one of Boston’s best pastry chefs. I first tried it on Boston Foodie Tour, and have been a huge fan ever since!

Flour Bakery: 131 Clarendon St, Boston

Brussel sprouts

best brussel sprouts in Boston
Jamie Dobson/Flickr CC

While staying at the gorgeous Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, I dined with a friend at the Oak Longbar + Kitchen– which has to be one of Boston’s most gorgeous hotel bars. The dinner was excellent, and I’m dying to return for more of their modern New England classics (think salt cod tater tots and baked beans) but my favorite bite of the night were the restaurant’s incredibly delicious brussel sprouts. They aren’t pictured since the space is so dimly lit in the evenings (it’s super romantic), but they were unreal. Anyone who claims not to like brussel sprouts clearly hasn’t tried these ones.

Oak Longbar + Kitchen: The Fairmont Copley Plaza, 138 St James Ave, Boston

Pork belly

best pork belly in boston
Audrey Giannattasio/Boston Foodie Tours

I visited Liquid Art House on two occasions, as they also sponsored a glass of wine for the conference speakers. The space is incredible– part art gallery, part restaurant. It’s the type of space where you’d expect mediocre food, since there is so much effort put into the design. But it’s not the case! I visited with my lovely friend Audrey who runs food tours in Boston, and she was happy to share some delicious plates with me. The most memorable was definitely the pork belly, which melted in my mouth and disappeared too quickly!

Italian pork sandwich

salty pig boston

Living in Spain I didn’t expect to be so impressed with a place featuring pork and charcuterie, but The Salty Pig has really nailed their niche concept. I visited with my parents for lunch, and we enjoyed the signature sandwich (pictured above) as well as their Italian pork (the article’s feature photo). It was everything a sandwich should be, from the crunch of the bread, to the delicious broccoli rabe inside that mixed perfectly with the pork and garlic dressing.

The Salty Pig: 130 Dartmouth St, Boston

Have you been to Boston? What were your best bites?


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  1. I, too, live in Spain (lovely Altea) and as a obsessed foodie, I enjoy the regional bounty of the Mediterranean as well as food from other parts of Spain. Although I have not eaten at Union Oyster House, I found a recipe for their chowder which turned out really well. However, I am certain the original would be even better.

  2. I also love clam chowder very much. Shellfishes always give good taste to soup. Soup dumplings include very hot soup even though it already looks cold. I got a slight burn in my mouth. Are you alright? I want to visit there like you. Thank you for the pictures.

  3. Durgin Park in Fanuel Hall is a favorite. Non-franchise pepperoni pizza anywhere in So. New England can’t be beat as well as Azorian Portuguese food throughout Ma and RI.
    Any seafood in general in New England is poorly executed in comparison to that found in Iberia.

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