Best Bites in Galicia

where to eat in Galicia Spain

Madrid has a soft spot for Galicia, as it’s a region that many people living in the capital call home. Starting the in 1950’s, Madrid received a boom of Gallegos in search of a better life in the big city. Today there are an estimated 350,000 people born in Galicia living in Madrid. This is perhaps most evident in the city’s food– half of Madrid’s most popular tapas dishes are Galician in origin (lacón, pulpo, pimientos de padrón, mejillones…)  And when you mention Galicia in a traditional Madrid tapas bar, it’s guaranteed that someone’s eyes will light up and they’ll start oozing about how it’s the best place in Spain (especially for the food!). I decided to finally put their opinions to the test, by embarking on a 10-day Galicia road trip with two goals: eat delicious food and drink delicious wine. Spoiler alert: we achieved both!