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6 Spectacular Views in Asturias

Asturias, Spain is a wonderful place to visit for some amazing views.

Asturias is one of the most picturesque places I have ever visited. I couldn’t stop taking photos– even the vending machines (which happened to sell milk and cheese!!!) were photogenic. Home to bright green mountains, tiny fishing villages, and great homemade food, Asturias is a breathtaking part of Spain that is simply begging to be explored!

And when you go, you can’t miss these incredible views in Asturias– they’ll leave you speechless!

1. The port in Cudillero

Cudillero is a beautiful fishing village in Asturias Spain. A must see when visiting Asturias!
Beautiful Cudillero. Photo credit: Fernando Hernández on flickr CC
Cudillero Asturias is one of the prettiest villages in Spain.
Colorful and filled with great bars!
Cudillero from above. A gorgeous stop on our road trip through Asturias.
The views from the top of the Cudillero.

Everyone seems to have a different opinion about visiting Cudillero– some say it’s the best village in Asturias and others seem to think it’s overrated. We absolutely loved it! We spent about three hours in this tiny fishing village, enjoying a drink in the port and then hiking up to the top of the town and looping around to the other side. We grabbed another quick snack before leaving– but if we’d planned better we would have definitely stayed for lunch!

2. Mirador El Fito

Mirador del Fito is a beautiful view in Asturias. You must see the Picos de Europa from here!
The incredible views at the Fito lookout point.
The gorgeous Mirador del Fito is a must see in Asturias, Spain!
Mirador el Fito. Photo credit: lacianiego on flickr CC

We almost missed stopping at El Fito lookout point, but I’d seen photos of it and insisted we turn around once we realized we’d gone the wrong way. I’m so happy we did! This is one of those places you simply have to see to believe– the photos don’t do it justice. The jagged Picos de Europa were to my right, and the Cantabrian Sea to my left. It was worth turning around for!

3. Lakes of Covadonga

The Lagos de Covadonga are one of the most beautiful mountains in Spain. They are located in Asturias, in Northern Spain. A must visit-- totally unique!
High up in the mountains!
The cows that graze at the Lakes of Covadonga aren't shy!
Cows were everywhere.
The beautiful Lakes of Covadonga are one of the prettiest places in Asturias, Spain.
People lived up here too– I can’t even imagine the winter!

The Lagos de Covadonga are one of the best known places to visit in Asturias, and with good reason! Our hike here was by far the most incredible hike I’ve ever done. We went up the steep mountains by bus (cars aren’t allowed), which was frightening. The road is tiny and winding, and there’s no barrier to prevent falling off– so when two buses pass one another (one going in each direction) it’s hard not to scream! But we made it safely there and back, and the reward was exploring one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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4. Luarca

Luarca is one of the prettiest towns in Asturias, Spain.
Luarca, Asturias’ white village.
Luarca is a beautiful white village in Asturias, Spain.
Luarca from above.

In contrast with most of Northern Spain’s colorful fishing villages, Luarca is painted white. The charming town is a great place to eat traditional Asturian food, and after you can take a leisurely walk up into the hills for a great photo opportunity!

5. Lastres

Many people say that Lastres is the most beautiful town in Asturias, Spain. Do you agree?
Lastres, the most beautiful town in Asturias?

Many argue that Lastres is one of Asturias’ most beautiful towns, and I’d have to agree! Everywhere you look you are surrounded by Asturian charm: the green sea, bright cliffs, and red roofed houses! The food at the local restaurants is also delicious– especially the seafood.

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6. The Milky Way in Muñas de Arriba

This giant telescope is part of staying in Munas de Arriba at a rural hotel in Asturias, Spain.
A giant telescope!
The incredible Milky Way is visible in the Asturias night sky.
The milky way in Asturias. Photo credit: athalfred on flickr CC

We spent a couple of nights at the very off-the-beaten-path rural houses at El Observatoriu, where the owner’s giant telescope is the main event each evening. But apart from our stargazing sessions, all we had to do was look up for a delight that was visible with the naked eye– the Milky Way. I’d never seen it so clearly in all my life, and could have spent hours just staring!

Have you visited Asturias? What was your favorite view? 

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Asturias is one of the most beautiful regions in all of Spain, but not too many people know about it! Check out these gorgeous views in Asturias, and start planning your trip!


  1. The mirador up top of Lastres has one of the most stunning views in the world! And I’m so glad y’all got to stop off at the Fito mirador…that sharp, side-by-side contrast between the smooth Bay of Biscay and the rugged Picos de Europa are part of what makes Asturias (& Cantabria) so fascinating to me.

  2. Llanes, Ribadesella, Cudillero, Luarca have house of los indianos, as others Asturians place,
    Although Asturias is seen as a green land with exuberant nature, but It has been a land of emigration
    In Luarca, You have to visit the garden of Fonte Baxa (Panrico garden). It sells for 9,000,000 euros. You can visit the garden. if you put in google “Jardin de la Fonte Baxa” or “Jardin del Panrico”

    I apologize for my English (I don’t speak English), and sorry for the inconvenience

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