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A Stargazing Hotel in Asturias: L’Observatoriu

The incredible telescope at Hotel L'Observatoriu in Asturias.
The incredible telescope at Hotel L’Observatoriu in Asturias.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I took one of the most amazing trips of my life, a week in Asturias. Where’s Asturias, you ask? Located less than four hours north-west of Madrid, it’s often called “Green Spain” because of its bright green landscapes– reminiscent of Ireland and completely at contrast with the yellow and dry plains of Castilla y León that separate Asturias from the Spanish capital.

One of the most unique and memorable things we did on our Asturias trip was staying at a stargazing hotel, fittingly called L’Observatoriu (The Observatory). For around 85€ a night, we stayed in one of owners Faustino and Maricruz’s beautifully restored stone houses, complete with kitchen facilities. It was definitely one of our favorite hotels in Asturias!

The lodges are a bit rustic, but they’re full of charm and the views and surroundings are incredible. Faustino and Maricruz also have a small bar area on the property, where the entire town (about 10 people!) come each evening for a snack. We joined them one night for a beer and a bottle of cider, allowing the neighbors to laugh at our pouring form!

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Hotel L'observatoriu Asturias
Hotel L’Observatoriu is in a tiny town in rural Asturias.
Hotel L'observatoriu Asturias best hotels in Asturias
The tiny town of Muñás.
L'observatoriu Asturias hotels in Asturias
The grounds at L’observatoriu.
L'observatoriu Asturias
Faustino and Maricruz spent years restoring the property.
L'observatoriu Asturias hotels in Asturias
Inside our lodge, Vega!
L'observatoriu Asturias hotels in Asturias
The views!
L'observatoriu Asturias
So much beauty!
L'observatoriu Asturias hotels in Asturias
More gorgeous flowers on the hotel grounds.

Faustino is an expert in astronomy (though he’s very humble– and would probably deny that!). A stay at L’Observatoriu always includes a night of stargazing– inside of Faustino’s enormous observatory telescope. We spent over an hour with Faustino inside of his incredible machine– which allowed us to see stars and planets that were lightyears away. Eventually, we left Faustino to continue his observations without our silly questions– I think he spent a few more hours inside!

The incredible telescope at Hotel L'Observatoriu in Asturias.
The incredible telescope at Hotel L’Observatoriu in Asturias.

Once outside of the telescope looking up at the night sky, I saw the Milky Way as I never have before. And it is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen– ever. For anyone who hasn’t truly admired the Milky Way without light interference– do it soon! It won’t disappoint.

I wish I could show you what I saw that night, both from the telescope and with the naked eye. Unfortunately, I’ll have to keep practicing my night sky photography!

I love the idea of a stargazing hotel and hope to stay at another someday soon. If you’d like to reserve one of Faustino and Maricruz’s stone lodges, you can book here.

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Have you ever stayed at a stargazing hotel? Where?


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