Announcement! That time I Bought a Spanish ruin in a village of 30 people...

Announcement! That time I Bought a Spanish ruin in a village of 30 people…

Buying a ruin in rural Spain
Our ruins!

If you follow me on Facebook or read my newsletter, you may have already heard the news– I am officially a homeowner. But don’t raise the cava glasses yet– my home is not quite liveable (and by not quite, I mean absolutely not!). Want more details on this crazy decision? Read on (and enjoy the video tour at the end!).

Never did I imagine that the first property I ever bought would be two adjoining Spanish ruins in a village of 30 (ish) full-time residents. Nestled in the mountains of rural León (northwest Spain), there’s no seaside view, but there is something totally magical about it!

Flowers in Pozos Leon
The magic of Pozos.

We fell in love with Pozos from the first time we visited Laura and Esmeraldo of Esme Tours, and when we found out that some of the ruins were for sale (and cheap) we considered it the opportunity of a lifetime– to restore two beautiful homes, full of history and memories, in a gorgeous and undiscovered part of Spain.

Read more: See our first visit to Pozos here, and why we love this place so much here.

We are only just beginning this journey (currently looking for an architect who believes in our vision– then a builder who can make it happen within our budget!). But I am so excited for this adventure, and the day we can finally open the doors to our mountain retreat (which we might rent out to friends/acquaintances too!).

Here are some photos of the before– as I said, this is a ruin!

Pozos ruin
Heading inside…
Pozos ruin in rural Spain
The back entrance.
Inside my ruin in rural Spain
Pretty ruined!
Buying a Spanish ruin
What the house would have looked like inside, from the photos in the Pozos museum.
Buying a Spanish ruin
Me and my huge, heavy key!
Pozos ruin in rural Spain
On the balcony– worried about falling through!
buying a ruin in rural Spain
View from our balcony!

Once it’s done, we look forward to escaping from Madrid for long weekends of cooking and hiking, picking seasonal herbs, berries and nuts, and maybe even tending to a small garden. This is awhile away– I’d guess two to three years– but I’m already starting to dream 🙂

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My Video Tour

It’s vertical because it was supposed to be an Instagram story! But got too long… sorry! 🙂

Have you ever dreamed of restoring a ruin? Where?


  1. Lauren, that’s super exciting! And the great thing is that you’ll be able to design it however you want because, as you say, it is pretty ruined. You have a really spectacular view from your balcony and I can totally see sitting out there with a glass of wine as the sun sets.

    You’re in for quite the adventure restoring it! Can’t wait to follow along.

  2. My wife and I Have rrestored several old unliveable homes. The first thing I would do is get an enthusiastic arquetectural student to give the place a once over and make recomendations to create a 21st century living space while retaining the feel of the basic structure. It’s best to discard or repurpose old things rather than trying to use them as originally intended. They were made for another era and are no longer useful compared to modernequivalents. You’ll need modern electric, plumbing, and double or triple glazed windows, not to mention roof, insulation and doors and frames. I can go on and on.

  3. Gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see the finished home! My husband and I are looking to do this as well – somewhere in Asturias or Cantabria! We have two kiddos so would have to possibly factor in schools and such. But it’s our dream as either a vacation home or a permanent dwelling. Congratulations!

  4. i look forward to following your progress. You sound really enthusiastic which is what you need along with a vision. Good luck I am sure you will create an amazing cosy home.

  5. Loved this post! Congratulations on the house.

    We just booked a week at Esme Tours at the end of September, based on your recommendation. Thank you for a wonderful blog. All the best.

  6. I know I’ve only picked this up now – but soooo…. excited for you. Brilliant advice about an architectural student. We have done two in Cape Town, South Africa. Neither as ‘ruined’ but pretty much needing a complete re-build to make it comfortable for 21st century living. We had an excellent architect and great builder. My partner is in construction, but decided not to have the stress of doing it for ourselves!!

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