Top 5 Wine Bars in Valencia No Vino Lover Can MIss

Top 5 Wine Bars in Valencia No Vino Lover Can MIss

Relaxing with a glass of wine is a universal pleasure, but no culture has perfected this fine art quite like Spain. Whether you prefer a deep, flavorful red or a bubbly glass of sparkling cava, Spain has just as many delicious varieties of wine as it does places to enjoy it. As Spain’s third-largest city, Valencia especially is full of great places to enjoy wine, from traditional bodegas to trendy, modern wine bars. While there are a lot to choose from, here are the top picks for wine bars in Valencia. Pour yourself a glass and start planning your route!

Top Wine Bars in Valencia


Despite Enópata’s prime location in the touristic center of Valencia, most tourists won’t notice it tucked away in the shadow of the cathedral. Owner and sommelier Juan Ferrer Espinosa has carefully selected more than 800 wines from all over the world, and has a true passion for helping guests learn about what they’re drinking. The food menu is impressive as well, featuring a variety of classic Spanish and Valencian flavors that pair wonderfully with the wines.

Address: Plaza del Arzobispo, 5

Enópata is one of our favorite wine bars in Valencia!
Enópata is also home to a classic wine shop. Photo credit: Indizze

Bodegas Biosca

One of the most iconic wine bars in Valencia, Bodegas Biosca has been a favorite among valencianos since 1932. The current owner, Begoña, is the granddaughter of the bar’s original founder. Its location in the charming Ruzafa neighborhood make it a popular spot among locals, who will stop in for a drink after work or pick up a bottle to take home.

Address: Doctor Serrano, 20

Bodegas Biosca is one of the most beloved wine bars in Valencia and has been open for more than 80 years!
Bodegas Biosca is a beloved local institution. Photo credit: Páginas Amarillas

Tinto Fino Ultramarino

This modern, trendy wine bar features a unique Spanish-Italian fusion. The eclectic, retro decor and friendly staff will make you feel at home right away. Tinto Fino Ultramarino‘s extensive wine list features dozens of varieties from both Italy and Spain, including a great selection of locally produced wines from the Valencia region.

Address: Carrer de la Corretgeria, 38

Tinto Fino Ultramarino is one of the most unique wine bars in Valencia. In addition to its great selection of wines, it also features a Spanish-Italian fusion menu.
There’s no place like Valencia to enjoy good wine in even better company!

Casa Montaña

This local icon might be on the smaller side, but it’s bursting with character and history. Casa Montaña first opened its doors in 1836, and the superb wine selection at this classy, elegant establishment has been delighting locals ever since. In addition to being one of the most upscale wine bars in Valencia, it’s also a fantastic place to enjoy some tasty tapas.

Address: Carrer de Josep Benlliure, 69

Bodega Fila

Looking for a classic Spanish dining experience where the wine is constantly flowing? Look no further than Bodega Fila (also known as El Labrador). Hundreds of bottles of fantastic wine line the walls, and the selection of Spanish deli products—including jamón and locally produced cheeses—make the perfect accompaniment. This place is constantly packed with locals, so be prepared to face the crowds!

Address: Carrer del Dr. Manuel Candela, 58

Bodega Fila is one of the most popular wine bars in Valencia among locals and a great place to enjoy Spanish deli products like the famous jamón while you sip your wine.
Wine and jamón: a match made in heaven!

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