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Check In At Our Favorite Cafes With WiFi in Valencia

It’s a situation we’ve all experienced: You’re in a new city, you need to check in with friends or family or simply want to research your next food stop, but you have no internet! What to do? That’s where these cafes with WiFi in Valencia come in!

The internet is hugely useful when traveling. Be it to look for directions, keep in touch with the day’s news headlines or upload that especially impressive photo to social media, the benefits are endless. Most hotels and hostels in Valencia provide WiFi services, but in such a vibrant city you couldn’t spend all day cooped up in your hotel online.

While the Starbucks and Costa Coffees of the world offer free WiFi to customers, it’s so much more fun to surf the web among locals. Check out these cafes with WiFi in Valencia, and combine delicious coffee with a local atmosphere and super fast internet.

Whether you need to search for your next restaurant, check in with family or upload your most recent snap, here are the best cafes with WiFi in Valencia.

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Bluebell Coffee Co.

This cozy cafe, hidden away in the back streets of the trendy Ruzafa neighborhood, is a great place to escape the madness and enjoy a nice café con leche. Check out the cute designs on your cup before diving in, and enjoy the attentive service from the friendly staff. You can also enjoy delicious pastries at Bluebell, as well as a full menu of veggie-friendly dishes and even brunch at the weekend! With a trendy interior and high-speed internet, this is definitely one of our favorite cafes with WiFi in Valencia.

Address: Carrer Buenos Aires, 3

With a super fast internet connection, cozy atmosphere and cute designs to enjoy atop your coffee, like this floral design, Bluebell is easily one of our favorite cafes with WiFi in Valencia
The cute coffee art at Bluebell Coffee Co. is one of the many reasons we love it so much! Photo Credit: Bluebell Coffee Co.

Antique Cafe

At Antique Cafe, you may come for a coffee and a fast internet connection, but you’ll stick around for the cakes! The assortment varies from day to day, but the delicious chocolate cake and amazing red velvet are not to be missed. You can also find a huge selection of teas here, and even buy a box to go if you want to enjoy some té at home. With all those delicious treats available in a welcoming, comfortable environment, you won’t want to leave!

Address: Carrer Frare, 4 bajo


This local hotspot, also located in the Ruzafa neighborhood, was the first cafe in Spain to operate with an entirely gluten-free kitchen. Apart from being a gluten-free haven, it is also one of the best cafes with WiFi in Valencia. The breakfast at Celiacruz is delicious, and the selection of pastries, cakes and other delights available mean it’s a great lunchtime spot too. Sit down with your coffee and a gluten-free doughnut, and surf the web in style!

Address: Calle Cuba, 54

Speaking of gluten free, our Hidden Ruzafa Wine & Tapas Tour, a gastronomic adventure through the trendiest area of Valencia, is completely adaptable for gluten-free guests!

At Celiacruz, one of the best cafes with WiFi in Valencia, you can enjoy products free of gluten - but full of taste!
Coffee and a croissant anyone? At Celiacruz, they’re completely gluten-free and delicious! Photo Credit: AFAR

La Más Bonita

The owners of La Más Bonita, a cafe with two locations in Valencia, have made every effort to make you feel at home. With comfortable soft furnishings, a bright, airy interior, and space for both travelers and locals to relax in, this cafe has it all. What’s more, sit down in the back of the cafe and you’ll see the hard-working bakers’ labor come to fruition as you get a view of the huge oven cooking up the cafe’s signature treats. A true feast for the senses, La Más Bonita is a local hotspot and one of the most popular cafes with WiFi in Valencia.

Address: Calle Cadiz, 61

The wooden chairs and soft couches are almost too comfortable at La Mas Bonita! One of the cafes with WiFi in Valencia you won't want to leave!
The design of La Más Bonita is welcoming and cozy, perfect for an afternoon coffee! Photo Credit: La Más Bonita

Mayan Coffee

Owned by a coffee grower dedicated to absolute excellence, the quality of the coffee at Mayan Coffee is outstanding. Some even say it’s the best espresso in Valencia! The coffee beans are grown in Guatemala, roasted right here in Valencia, and prepared with love and attention to detail. You can buy bags of coffee on site and test your coffee making skills at home too! And, of course, we can’t forget the amazing WiFi connection you can enjoy here too.

Address: Carrer Murillo, 54

Cafe de Las Horas

Perhaps one of the most stylish cafes with WiFi in Valencia, Cafe de Las Horas is an experience you won’t soon forget. The lavish neo-baroque decoration, complete with antique furniture, velvet drapes and gold encrusted fittings, ensures Cafe de Las Horas has all the drama of a Victorian palace. What’s interesting is that the quirky cafe, in spite of its over-the-top design, is hugely popular among locals of all ages. Be it for a coffee during the day or a cocktail in the evening, don’t miss out on this central cafe, neatly positioned near many of Valencia’s must-see monuments!

Address: Calle del Conde de Almodóvar, 1

One of our favorite cafes with WiFi in Valencia, Cafe de Las Horas combines over the top, lavish decoration with delicious coffee!
A small insight into the unique design of Cafe de Las Horas—to see more you’ll just have to visit yourself!

Federal Valencia

The concept behind the Federal Valencia Cafe is a simple one. It’s a place to pause, disconnect from the madness in the streets of the city, reflect and watch the world go by. And boy do they deliver. With an inviting atmosphere, super friendly staff and ambient music in the background, Federal Valencia is a cozy home away from home. The weekend brunch is amazing and the internet connection brilliant. Trust us, you won’t regret a visit to Federal!

Address: Carrer de l’Ambaixador Vich, 15

Now that your WiFi needs are attended to, it’s time to eat! Join us on one of our food tours to dive into the unique gastronomy of Valencia, learning about the fascinating history of the city as you go. Hope to see you in Valencia soon!

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