Fascinating Fascinators - Spanish Sabores

Fascinating Fascinators

Spanish Fascinators or Tocados de Boda are a Must at Andalusian Weddings

Purple Wedding Hat
My mother-in-law’s fascinator at my own wedding last year.

I had the pleasure of seeing my brother-in-law get married last weekend in gorgeous El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz. In true Andalusian wedding fashion, one of the best parts of the event were the colorful fascinators the women wore to the wedding. Being an afternoon wedding, bright colors were abundant and I must admit that I really regretted not having bought one to have worn. I have been so caught up in work and moving that I completely forgot about Spanish wedding protocol– at least for Andalusia!

My aunt-in-law took care of my hair style, weaving a brightly colored scarf around a low bun (I thought it was strange and showy at first, but then realized I had the most boring hairdo at the wedding!). I didn’t want to come off as a total creep to all of these girls and women I’d never met before, so unfortunately I don’t have too many pictures. But take a look at the Spanish fascination with fascinators; you just have to love them!

My Favorite Fascinators from a Southern Spanish Wedding

Spanish Mantilla
My mother-in-law and her gorgeous mantilla.

My mother-in-law wanted to wear something different to her last son’s wedding. She opted for a traditional Spanish mantilla (the lace veil). Worn atop a gorgeous ivory comb, it was simply stunning.

Spanish wedding
Antonia and I in Puerto Sherry.

 Antonia and I pose for a picture– my “crazy” bun is nothing compared to the fascinators we are about to see!

Formal Wedding attire
The mother of the bride.

The mother of the bride wore a beautiful green ensemble with flowers and lace adorning her fascinator.

Spanish girls weddings
Friends of the bride dressed in style.

This group opted for smaller, less elaborate fascinators (yes, those are small compared to others!).

Dragon fly fascinator
Two of my favorites!

 I loved this girl’s purple fascinator and the pink dragonfly fascinator wins points for creativity!

This pink fascinator sure sticks out!

Another big and beautiful Spanish wedding tocado.

Fascinators wedding
Another look.

Here you can see some more of the feathers on the purple hat, and the mauve colored hat was just stunning too. The girl on the far left opted for a headband, another popular choice for a tocado.

Purple fascinator
A shot of another pretty purple fascinator.

I juts love the colorful dresses and matching fascinators that the women choose to wear. Next time I am coming prepared, tocado and all!

Which is your favorite fascinator?


  1. As an American guy I think that’s one of the goofiest and funniest things I’ve every seen, and the fact that they’re called “fascinators” like they’re supposed to fascinate you and make you stare at them like some kind of magical twinkly charm makes it even funnier. I thought that sort of stuff went out of style a long time ago, like at the end of the Victorian era in England!


  2. This is great! My mother-in-law definitely had her tocado at our wedidng (being the mother of the groom and all). My mom later said she wished she had gotten one too, and I honeslty had thought there was NO way she’d want one!

    I’ve not seen the mantilla at any weddings here, do you think it’s a southern Spain thing?

  3. these women are all so lovely and super elegant. I’ve seen the mantilla (and cute hats – not sure why they are called fascinators) in southern Spain: Granada and Sevilla. Even the kids are dressed up.

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