Visiting Vineyards on a Lanzarote Winery Tour with Eco Insider

Lanzarote Winery Tour with Eco Insider

The vineyards of Lanzarote are stunning and fascinating– I still remember the first time I saw a photo of the contrasting dark black and bright green landscapes. I’d been itching to see them in person for years now, so when deciding on where to go for a four-day summer break, Lanzarote was top of the list.

Lanzarote winery tour
The incredible contrast of Lanzarote vineyards

Our 4-days in Lanzarote were filled with incredible sights and food– but one of the highlights was the Lanzarote winery tour we took with Eco Insider. I finally got my chance to see Lanzarote’s famous vineyards, and they were just as spectacular as I’d imagined.

A must for wine lovers, Lanzarote vineyards are among the most striking I’ve ever seen and worth the trip from Madrid just to experience them. We took full advantage of a day between vines by trusting in Eco Insider to take us on their popular bodega hopping tour (that way Alejandro could drink too)– good decision!

Lanzarote Winery Tour with EcoInsider

Our tour guide, Ed, picked us up at our rental apartment in sleepy Playa Quemada around 10 am and off we went on a private Lanzarote winery tour. The island is so compact that we didn’t have to drive far to our first destination– in only about 15 minutes we were in La Geria, Lanzarote’s gorgeous winery strip, and we arrived at the first bodega of the day, La Geria.

Tip: We stayed in the simple but lovely Ventanas de Lanzarote apartments in the non-touristy Playa Quemada area and loved our stay!

Rental apartment Playa Quemada
Our rental apartment in sleepy Playa Quemada

Visiting Bodega La Geria in Lanzarote

Bodega La Geria is one of the island’s most known (they claim to be the most visited bodega in all of Spain actually– with 300,000 visits a year!). Luckily, the place was pretty empty when we arrived with Ed, and didn’t seem overly touristy. Here we tasted two of their premium white wines (most of Lanzarote’s wines are white– and mainly made using volcanic malvasia). We tasted their dry Malvasia and their semi dulce, a semi sweet white wine that is a popular style here. It was surprisingly nice and I could understand how locals love this style for a leisurely afternoon lunch.

Lanzarote winery tour Bodega La Geria
Bodega La Geria was charming and certainly not too touristy!
wineries tour in Lanzarote Bodega la Geria
Inside the bodega
Bodega la Geria Wine Tasting Tour
Tasting the wines, first stop of the day!

Here we met the winemaker, Alejandro, who talked to us about the 2017 production– which was quite good, especially since 2016 had been awful (yielding only about 15% of norm). Although it was only early July, they were getting ready to harvest, as the grapes had already reached maturity and were just about ready to go. In Lanzarote everything has to be harvested by hand, which is quite a challenge for the wineries. Locals often help out — hopefully for a bottle or two of wine in exchange!

Wine tour at La Geria Lanzarote
Gorgeous views of La Geria’s vineyards

A Look at Bodegas Rubicon

Since Ed knew we work in the wine industry, we made a quick unscheduled stop at Bodegas Rubicon, an estate that has existed since 1570– though was made into a modern winery in the late 1970s. Here we tasted a few of their wines– I was already wishing for extra room in my suitcase to start buying, but I had to settle with a taste for this trip.

Tasting room Bodega Rubicon Lanzarote wine tasting tour
The impressive tasting room!

Bodegas Rubicon also houses a nice local restaurant, which Ed says is worthwhile.

Touring Bodegas El Grifo

One of Lanzarote’s most famous bodegas, and the oldest in all of the Canary Islands (1775), Bodegas El Grifo is stunning and friendly, home to a small winemaking museum and a lovely tasting area.

Visiting Bodegas El Grifo in Lanzarote with Eco Insider Bodega Hopping Tour.
One of the island’s most famous wineries, Bodega El Grifo.

We took a private tour of the El Grifo winery with Ed, taking a peek at 200-year-old pre-phylloxera Moscatel grape vines, and then sat down to a tasting of six of the winery’s signature wines. Now that’s my idea of a tasting!

wine tasting tour in Lanzarote Bodega El Grifo
Pre phylloxera Moscatel grapes– gorgeous
Wine tasting Lanzarote Bodega El Grifo
A wonderful tasting of Bodega El Grifo’s wines.

Ale broke our no buying rule for a bottle of their barrel fermented Malvasia (and now that we had to check a suitcase anyway, we planned to buy a couple more!). One wine I wish I’d tried and will have to seek out in Madrid is their Canari– a wine made in the style of what was famous from the island in the 17th century!

An Urban Winery: Bodega Vulcano

As a contrast to the La Geria area bodegas, we next made our way into the small village of Tias, where Bodega Vulcano— an urban winery– started in 2009.

Bodega Vulcano an Urban Winery in Lanzarote
Bodega Vulcano in the small town of Tias

The Díaz family had been producing its own wine for decades and also selling their grapes to other local bodegas. But in the middle of Spain’s economic recession, some of their customers stopped paying them– and they were left with a decision to make: go out on their own, or sell off the land.

They chose to take a risk, and it has paid off so far! They set up a small, design-focused urban winery (production takes place underground!) and produce some excellent wines. Here we tasted their full range and settled on a bottle of their aged white Malvasia (we were checking a bag after all!).

Bodega Vulcano wine tasting in Lanzarote.
One of the prettiest bottles on the island for sure!

Lunch in Teguise

Next we made our way to the gorgeous town of Teguise– Ed’s hometown and also the oldest capital in all of the Canary Islands. We’d been here a few days prior for the Sunday flea market (NOT worth it in my opinion– filled with tourists and lacking authenticity), but today was totally different. We ate lunch in Ed’s friend’s restaurant, La Cantina, a place that puts a modern twist on Canarian ingredients. We were starving after all the wine, and enjoyed everything.

La Cantina restaurant in Teguise
Delicious seared tuna.
La Cantina Teguise Canarian platter
The famous Canarian platter– so good!

Arrecife Food Tour

Instead of ending here, Ed wanted to show us the growing food scene in Arrecife, Lanzarote’s capital city. The city itself is unpolished but filled with small gems if you know where to look. Ed took us to visit Vicente, a young cheesemonger, and owner of The Queso Project— a gorgeous hole-in-the-wall cheese shop that specializes in local Canarian cheeses (but has a great selection from further afield as well!). I have no doubt it’s the best cheese shop in Lanzarote.

The Queso Project in Arrecife
Vicente and his Queso Project!

Next we headed to a local wine shop/bar, Territorio Sibarita. Owned by Isabel and her husband, they specialize in lesser-known Spanish wines, which you can taste there or take home. Their mission is similar to ours in Madrid (at our Devour Madrid shop and tasting space) and it was lovely to meet someone with such a similar outlook. Another glass of wine and we were off for a nap at our hotel– much needed after our busy day out!

Our day visiting Lanzarote wineries and “bodega hopping” with Eco Insider’s Lanzarote Winery Tour was so much fun. It was awesome that Ale didn’t have to worry about driving, and Ed taught us a lot about island life. I think wine tours are a fantastic way to spend a day wherever I go (and totally worth the cost to be able to relax and not have to drive), and this was an excellent day out.

If you are a wine lover a visit to the unique vineyards and bodegas of Lanzarote are a must! The landscapes are unforgettable. I hope to return again soon for more!

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