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Summer Renovations: Making Changes in Madrid

For some people, January first means setting goals and making changes. Others prefer to wait awhile and do some “spring cleaning” in their lives. And then there are people who do a sort of “back to school fall makeover”– new clothes, new books, new goals. Not too many people...
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Giving Up Driving in Spain

When a Car Is No Longer a Necessity I remember the first time I drove a car. I was sixteen years old and had just gotten my driver’s permit (a pass/fail computer exam). I got into the car with my father, eager to learn this essential adult skill. As...
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My Spain Story: The Proposal

A Hitch In His Plans We were all packed for our romantic weekend in France. Our alarms rang at 4:00 a.m. (Ryanair) and we got ready to head to the airport. Luckily, I checked my email first. Airport traffic controllers were striking and all flights were canceled– Marseille would...
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The Quarter Life Expat Crisis

Questioning My Decisions as an Expatriate Life as an expat in Spain isn’t always tapas, siestas, and fun in the sun. Contrary to popular belief, expats don’t usually spend their days shopping, eating out, and traveling. We have to work, cook dinner, do laundry, pay bills and efile taxes…...
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Dining Out in Spain: An Expat’s Guide

A Guide for Dining Out in Spain Dining out in Spain can be confusing for visitors and expatriates alike. The crazy mealtimes, lack of menu translations, and the extensive variety of pork products we never even knew existed can make any seasoned gourmand a bit frustrated. Here I present...
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