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Lanzarote Winery Tour with Eco Insider

The vineyards of Lanzarote are stunning and fascinating– I still remember the first time I saw a photo of the contrasting dark black and bright green landscapes. I’d been itching to see them in person for years now, so when deciding on where to go for a four-day summer...
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3 Days in La Rioja for Food and Wine Lovers

It took me seven years in Spain to finally explore the wineries of La Rioja— embarrassing, I know! The occasion was my 30th birthday, and my partners in crime were Alejandro and my mother, who had flown in to surprise me for the event. The irony? Neither are really...
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Wine Tasting in Madrid — My Top Picks!

My days lately have been filled with wine– lots of it. From big, full-bodied Spanish Rioja to crisp Chablis, and nutty sherry, I’ve been tasting as much as possible the past few weeks. And it’s not just the fact that I love wine (which I do) but I’m actually...
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