8 Awesome Ideas for Christmas Gifts from Malaga

8 Awesome Ideas for Christmas Gifts from Malaga

This blog post was originally posted on December 10, 2015 and was updated on December 13, 2017.

Spain becomes a true winter wonderland come Christmastime, complete with lights, decorations and delicious food. But of course, the holiday season also means buying gifts for friends and family. If you’re stumped for ideas, these eight ideas for memorable Christmas gifts from Malaga will come in handy.

One of the best ideas for gift giving is something unique from one of your vacations (who doesn’t love searching for a unique treasure when they travel?). That said, if you’re traveling to Malaga—or if you live here and are racking your brains to think of what to bring the folks back home—there are a few keepsakes that truly stand out.

8 Perfect Christmas Gifts from Malaga

1. Sweeten up with a bottle of wine

You really can’t go wrong with a good bottle of Malaga sweet wine. It’s one of the most typical drinks from the area, and you can impress your friends telling them that the Queen of England specifically ordered it on her 88th birthday. You don’t need to wait until you turn 88, though—this wine is delicious served as an aperitif or with some Christmas cookies as a dessert.

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When it comes to wines to order in Granada, anything from nearby Malaga is a great choice!
Sweet Malaga wine is the perfect addition to any holiday celebration.

2. Liquid gold for the kitchen

It seems that everyone is starting to cook with extra virgin olive oil these days. That’s a good thing, too, because it’s Spain’s “liquid gold.” Here in Malaga there are lots of farms that produce local olive oil, and it’s delicious on toast, drizzled over fresh tomatoes, or pretty much any other way you can think to use it. If you’re looking for a gift for a foodie family member, this is the way to go!

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes a great Christmas gift from Malaga for any cook.
Liquid gold: local extra virgin olive oil

3. Painted ceramic treasures

One of the most beautiful Christmas gifts from Malaga are painted ceramics. You can find little plates, decorative spoons, and more all hand-painted with typically bright Andalusian colors. There’s something for everyone—just remember to get it wrapped in bubble wrap for the plane ride!

Hand painted ceramic bowls make for a great Christmas gift from Malaga. These are so brightly colored, your friends and family are sure to love them!
Beautiful hand painted ceramic bowls

4. Go nuts!

If you’ve ever wandered down Calle Larios or taken a stroll through the local markets in Malaga, you know that almonds are grown locally. Any of the sweets made with almonds—including cookies, turrón (a nougat-like bar typical at Christmas) or even the nuts themselves—make great Christmas gifts from Malaga.

Malaga almonds Mercado central de Atarazanas on a Malaga food tour with Devour Malaga!
The famous Malaga almonds.

5. A touch of Andalusian elegance

Spanish shawls make perfect Christmas gifts from Malaga if you’re looking to impress. These beautiful accessories come in every color of the rainbow, and Spanish women use them when they get dressed up to keep the chill off. You can find them hand embroidered in silk or polyester—there’s something for every price point!

6. Picasso for a present?

Pablo Picasso is Malaga’s most famous son. If you have an art lover on your gift list, head to the Picasso Museum shop or the Fundación Picasso to buy a special gift commemorating the man himself. You can never go wrong with a print, which, if you find the right frame, can really make for a nice Christmas gift from Malaga.

Another great idea for a Christmas gift from Malaga is a Picasso print, like this one of "Woman with a Book."
Picasso’s “Woman with a Book.” Photo by Mark Mauno

7. Flowers that last forever

The biznaga is something you’ll only find in Malaga. This flower is handmade from jasmine blossoms, and in the summer months, you’ll find men in traditional dress selling them in the historic center. They smell wonderful and are great at warding off mosquitos! All year long, you can find biznaga brooches and pendants, which make elegant Christmas gifts from Malaga.

8. New Beer for the New Year

Craft beer has recently become a hot topic across Spain, but Malaga boasts a few brews that are worth giving as a gift (especially if you have someone interested in microbrews in your circle of friends.) Check out Cabra Azul (Calle La Cuesta, 13) or Malaqa (Calle del Alcalde Guillermo Rein, 158), but don’t forget to do a taste test before committing to one!

If you have someone who enjoys microbrews, why not bring them a local Craft Beer as a Christmas gift from Malaga?
Enjoying a local craft beer with sea views.

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It can be difficult to think of what to get your friends and family for the holidays. This guide will help you out with 8 awesome ideas for Christmas gifts from Málaga.

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