5 Typical Souvenirs from Malaga to Create Unforgettable Memories

5 Typical Souvenirs from Malaga to Create Unforgettable Memories

This blog post was originally posted on April 4, 2016 and was updated on May 11, 2017.


If you talk to the locals, they’re quick to point out that Malaga capital was not a tourist destination up until a few decades ago. Sure, people knew about the Costa del Sol, but visitors would vacation along the coast more towards Marbella. There were tourists throughout the region as well, but they generally stuck to the east in the direction of Axarquia.

Today, Malaga is a hot tourist destination, and its proud residents couldn’t be happier—they love their city and are ready to show it off whenever possible. Of course, if you come to visit, you’ll want a Malaga souvenir to remember your trip. Here are a few ideas for your shopping convenience.

Great Ideas for Typical Souvenirs from Malaga

1. Local wine 

Malaga has a great selection of wines, and although the sweet varieties are the most famous, there are plenty of delightful reds and whites produced locally as well. Any kind is sure to be appreciated by the recipient, especially if you pair it with something salty such as a manchego cheese or some olives and almonds. This is a great Malaga souvenir that you can enjoy back home or wherever you are in the world.

A selection of typical wines from Malaga is another great Malaga souvenir
 A selection of typical wines from Malaga. Photo credit:MG Spain Export Consulting Spanish International Trade Consulting

2. Hand-painted Andalusian ceramics

One of the things that says “Andalusia” more than anything else are the artisanal ceramic plates that people tend to hang on their walls. You can also find beautiful pots, decorations and bowls. All are hand painted and will give your home a touch of southern Spain.

Beautiful hand painted ceramics make for a wonderful Malaga souvenir
Beautiful hand painted ceramic bowls.

3. Delicious, healthy extra virgin olive oil

Malaga is home to lots of olive groves. That means two things: delicious local olives, and beautiful golden extra virgin olive oil. Now that people have chosen to swap out olive oil for butter in many recipes, this is an especially great Malaga souvenir, delicious on toast, salad and more. Ask if you can taste the oils, or pay attention as you are dining on your trip. Many of the olive oils are “picual,” which means they are a bit spicy. If you want a sweeter oil, choose an hojiblanca.

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Local Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the typical souvenirs from Malaga
Local EVOO is the best around!

4. A decorative Spanish fan

If you visit during the summer months, you’ll know why fans are some of the most popular typical souvenirs from Malaga. Almost every Spanish woman has a collection of fans in different colors to coordinate with different clothes and occasions—they’re iconically Spanish and there’s even a whole unspoken language behind how you hold your fan.

Beautiful Spanish fans make a great Malaga souvenir
Beautiful Spanish fans make a great Malaga souvenir

5. Biznagas (a flower that will never wither)

The typical flower from Málaga is the biznaga. It is made from the jasmine flower and smells delightful. You’ll see vendors dressed in the traditional style with black pants and a wide red belt selling them on Calle Larios. While you can’t take a biznaga home with you, there are lots of shops that sell porcelain versions as a decorative piece or even as jewelry. This makes for a unique and delicate Malaga souvenir.

A ceramic biznaga makes a great Malaga souvenir that will never wither
Handmade with jasmine flowers: the biznaga is the typical flower from Malaga. Photo Credit: Daniel Sancho

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Get ready to bring back memories that will last a lifetime. These typical souvenirs from Malaga are much better than anything you'll find in a tacky tourist shop.


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