7 Spectacular Views in Malaga to Add to Your Bucket List

7 Spectacular Views in Malaga to Add to Your Bucket List

This blog post was originally posted on January 4, 2016 and was updated on October 19, 2017.

You’ll almost certainly love Malaga from every angle: the narrow side streets, the busy markets, the grand Calle Larios and the quiet gardens. However, there’s just something about a bird’s-eye view that helps to complete the experience as you sip on a tasty drink and look out over the rooftops. These are some of the top picks for the best views in Malaga that will take your breath away.

7 Breathtaking Views in Malaga

Gibralfaro Castle and the Parador Hotel

The place that everyone says has the best views in Malaga is, without a doubt, Gibralfaro Castle. Perched on the top of a steep hill, Gibralfaro Castle is everything you want in an epic view of Malaga. The castle itself is a historic landmark dating back to the 14th century, and was built to house troops and protect the Alcazaba. And given that the location was chosen because of the view of the surrounding area, today it means that the views are breathtaking!

You can see the whole city as well as the sea from this angle, and you can even turn your visit here into a daylong affair. After visiting the castle, stop in just down the hill at the Parador Hotel to have a drink or a snack—the views here are spectacular too!

Exploring Gibralfaro Castle is a must during your 7 days in Malaga.
You won’t regret stopping to admire the views on your way up to Gibralfaro!

The AC Hotel Malaga Palacio Rooftop Terrace

The AC Malaga Palacio Hotel is the city’s most iconic. When plans were first announced for this high-rise hotel in Malaga, there were many complaints from locals because it would block the view of the cathedral from the water. Even so, the hotel was built, and now it has a stunning terrace where you can enjoy a perfect view of the port and Muelle Uno, as well as the Paseo del Parque and the cathedral from the other side. It’s definitely one of the best views in Malaga, and a place locals like to go to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

Another of the best views in Malaga from the AC Malaga Palacio Hotel's rooftop terrace.
Rooftop view from the AC Malaga Palacio. Photo credit: Jaime Pérez

The Alcazaba

Though not as high up at the Gibralfaro Castle, the views from the Alcazaba are also breathtaking. There’s something about walking through the centuries-old fortress and palace that just invites you to step back in time. Add that to a view framed by the typical Muslim arches and hanging vines of bougainvillea and you have yourself a real treat. It’s incredibly special at sunset, when you can’t find a better view of Malaga’s port and the neighborhood of Malagueta.

Visiting Malaga's Alcazaba and nearby Gibralfaro Castle are great kid-friendly activities in Malaga.
The views from the Alcazaba keep getting better the higher up you go—it’s a great way to get some exercise!

The terrace of the Alcazaba Premium Hostel

The Premium Hostel on Calle Alcazabilla offers an interesting view of the Roman Theater and the Alcazaba from a terrace just opposite Cines Albeniz. This classic movie theater is where the spring film festival is held, and where better for you to sip a cocktail than above it all? This is another spot you’ll often find locals in the evenings, especially if they have friends in town and want to show off Malaga’s best views!

Enjoying a drink on the terrace of the Alcazaba Premium Hostel. One of our favorite views in Malaga.
Enjoying a drink on the terrace of the Alcazaba Premium Hostel.

Balneario Baños del Carmen

While this may not be one of the views in Malaga that comes to mind right away, a sea-level view is always a must. The Balneario Baños del Carmen is found at the far end of the boardwalk. It used to be a tennis club in the 1920s, but over the years the building has fallen into a bit of disrepair. There are, however, plans in the works to bring it back to its original beauty. At the moment, it’s home to a great restaurant and bar close to the water with views of the beach stretching out to our left and right. Could there be a better Malaga view?

View from the Balneario Baños del Carmen at sunset. Another of the best views in Malaga.
View from the Balneario Baños del Carmen at sunset. Photo credit: Cyberfrancis.

The roof of the cathedral

If you’d like a different kind of view in Malaga, book a visit to the roof of the cathedral where you can enjoy a totally unique view of the center of the city from above. You’re able to move around the perimeter of the rooftop, and both daytime and evening visits are available. You do, however, have to book in advance, so this is one of the views in Malaga that does require a bit of planning.

Views from the top of the Cathedral in Malaga. Some of the best Malaga views!
Views from the top of the cathedral in Malaga. Photo credit: Cyberfrancis.

The Big Wheel

It’s likely you’ve seen the Big Wheel in Malaga’s port area. It’s a huge Ferris wheel that aims to provide a different view of the city for tourists and locals alike. With a height of 70 meters, the views are spectacular and eight people can fit in each of the air-conditioned cabins. You’ll love the views from the Big Wheel for the sheer fact that they’re is so different from any of the other views in Malaga.

Malaga's Ferris Wheel gives you some of the best views in Malaga as you go for a ride.
Malaga’s Ferris Wheel over looking the port. Photo credit: Lars Tinner

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