5 Cozy Cafes With Free Wifi in Santiago de Compostela You'll Love

5 Cozy Cafes With Free Wifi in Santiago de Compostela You’ll Love

There are inevitably moments during your travels when you just need a little break to caffeinate and connect. Head to one of these charming cafes with free wifi in Santiago de Compostela for all your coffee-and-internet needs.

Cafe con leche recipe
A delicious cup of café con leche.

The best cafes with free wifi in Santiago de Compostela

Local Tip: In Spain, WiFi is pronounced “wee-fee.” Keep this in mind when you’re asking for the password at one of these cafes with wifi in Santiago!

1. Café Tertulia

Perhaps it’s the floral place settings, the variety of teas, or the bacon-inclusive breakfast options, but there’s a distinctly British feel to Café Tertulia. Order a cup of coffee and a snack and spend hours enjoying one of the cozies cafés with free wifi in Santiago de Compostela.

Address: Rúa do Pombal, 2

2. La Flor

This colorful café-cum-wine bar is decked with art and knickknacks, the music is always on point and the food options are an added bonus. Enjoy salads, toasts and cakes while tapping away on your laptop, and pair your internet with a nice wine or a creamy coffee. Trendy and quirky, La Flor is undoubtedly one of the best cafés with free wifi in Santiago de Compostela.

Address: Rúa das Casas Reais, 25

Cozy cafes with WiFi in Santiago de Compostela are easy to come by! These are our favorites to get connected and caffeinated!
In Spain, it’s not strange to see wine and coffee sold in the same place!

3. Recantos

The central feature of this Old Town café is a bright and airy atrium area. Grab a seat at a comfy booth and get connected. Keep that coffee—which is graciously served with a complimentary small piece of cake — coming!

Address: Rúa de San Miguel dos Agros, 2

Get connected and caffeinated at one of our top cafes with WiFi in Santiago!
Café con leche, a true Spanish staple!

4. Café-Jardín Costa Vella

Honestly, this place is so beautiful that you’ll probably prefer to enjoy the natural surroundings rather than connect to the internet. But it’s good to know that you can get online if need be! The inside of this café is quiet and cozy, with the city’s characteristic stone walls and big, bright windows overlooking the garden. Not a bad place to get some work done!

Address: Rúa da Porta da Pena, 17

5. Café Venecia

There’s pretty much no reason to ever leave Café Venecia. From their variety of breakfasts to their delicious raciones (small platters), it’s easy to spend all day eating and surfing the net in this casual local joint. Grab a booth and hop online at one of the top cafes with free wifi in Santiago de Compostela.

Address: Rúa do Horreo, 27

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Caffeinate and connect at one of these cozy cafes with free wifi in Santiago de Compostela!


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