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Flirting With Spain

I honestly don’t know where to start this post. As I’m writing I’m semi-watching “Ponte en Mi Lugar,” better known as Freaky Friday. TV movies are one of the worst things about living in Spain—if you think Lindsey Lohan sounds bad in English you should hear her dubbed in Spanish! But to be honest I don’t really mind it right now… In fact, I suddenly find myself absolutely enamored by Spain.

Maybe it was the welcome barbeque that Ale’s family hosted for us. I mean, who could complain when surrounded by chorizo, costillas de cerdo, gambas, salmorejo, queso, jamón, and a good Spanish wine. Or maybe it was the fact that the tapas bar we ate at last night had toilet paper, soap, and paper towels—I couldn’t believe it! And of course I must mention that today Ale and I went to a Harvest Food Festival in Jerez, arriving quickly from his small town by efficient and clean public transport. We enjoyed a cheap lunch of tapas and beer. Honestly, I don’t know what it is exactly, but this time I feel so good here.

Ale's Dad Blow Drying The Barbeque!

Tomorrow Ale and I are going to Madrid by bus. It’s going to be a long ride and I’m not very excited. But we’re hoping to be able to find an apartment within the week in order to start a life in Madrid. Why Madrid? Good question! At the moment Ale and I don’t have official jobs so there is no real need to live in Madrid (or anywhere else for that matter). But we want a change, and Madrid has a lot to offer. People may think that we’re crazy for going to a big city without anything lined up, but I believe that we will make it work—we have to!

I’m happy that I’ve finally gotten to a point in my life in which I know what I like. I want a city with good food, nice weather, parks, shopping, culture, public transportation, and flight connections. Seville was just a bit small for this point in my life. It’s a great city, and one I can see myself returning to, but it wasn’t quite international enough. Boston would also be great to live in, but I don’t know if I could make it through the brutal winters. For right now Madrid it is.

So here is to all of you out there who are also starting a new chapter of your lives, or likewise just embracing the page that you’re already on. Good luck and enjoy the moment!


  1. As you say, people may think that we’re crazy for going to a big city without anything lined up. I believe we are taking advantage of our “freedom” for thinking out of the box so we can develop a nice and comfortable way to make our life better

  2. Best of luck to you both in Madrid! Your approach doesn’t sound crazy to me. If anything, it sounds pragmatic. I’m sure you’ll both figure it out soon, even if for no other reason than that you have to, like you said.

  3. If there’s any time to make a change in your life, the time is now! Having no ties just opens up all sorts of opportunities. And I’m so happy for you to experience living in a big city—and completely jealous…I live in Spain’s arse-hole because of the nov’s work. Looking forward to our day when a big change comes. Until then, living vicariously through your stories 🙂 Best of luck to you both.

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