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20 Best Spanish Cookbooks

Spanish food has gained more and more international fame over the past few years. At its heart, its beauty comes from the use of simple ingredients and cooking methods to achieve deliciously memorable results. In other words, that means that Spanish food is incredibly easy to recreate at home....
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Spanish Rice with Mushrooms and Manchego

This easy recipe for Spanish rice with mushrooms and Manchego cheese is one of my favorite quick, mid-week dinners. The texture is soupy and creamy — similar to a risotto with a bit more broth. Here in Spain, we’d call it an arroz caldoso (a soupy rice) and it’s...
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1+ Months of Lockdown: Lessons Learned

Who could have guessed I’d ever be writing a blogpost about lockdown lessons? The very word lockdown made me uncomfortable for a while, it sounds (and is) so dramatic! But here I am, and in the past forty days, I’ve only left the house once (for groceries). If you’ve...
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7 Years Devouring Spain… What’s Next?

Just about seven years ago I left my tiny Madrid apartment with my heart aflutter. I was about to lead my first Devour Tour (known as Madrid Food Tour at the time). The crazy idea I’d had six months earlier had become a reality– people had found my website,...
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