5 Standout Spots for Live Music in Malaga: Where to Hear Great Tunes

5 Standout Spots for Live Music in Malaga: Where to Hear Great Tunes

Malaga is one of Spain’s most vibrant and most artistic cities, and that’s clear when it comes to heading out to hear live music. There are all sorts of venues where you can listen to live music in Malaga, and no matter what your musical taste, there’s sure to be a place where you’ll feel right at home. Take your pick from any of these venues, and you’re guaranteed to be on your way to a great night out.

Best Bets for Live Music in Malaga

1. Velvet Club

This is the perfect place for anybody who enjoys variety. Velvet Club hosts a diverse array of musicians of different styles, from flamenco to electronic to rock, and locals flock here every night to meet up with friends and enjoy the shows. It’s conveniently located in the city center and is also a great venue for parties.

Address: Calle Comedias, 15

There are many great places to listen to live music in Malaga. One local favorite is Velvet Club!
Live music is the heart and soul of Malaga!

2. ZZ Pub

The shows at ZZ Pub draw malagueños and tourists alike thanks to the alternative music scene and friendly atmosphere, especially when it comes to the under-30 crowd. Considered one of the quintessential places to enjoy live music in Malaga, this iconic local establishment even has its own merchandise, which makes great souvenirs for any music fan.

Address: Calle Tejón y Rodríguez, 6

One of the best places to hear live music in Malaga? In the street!
Even simply walking down Malaga’s streets will introduce you to some fantastic local musicians!

3, 4, 5. Jazz clubs

As home to the only jazz school in Andalucia, Malaga is home to a jazz scene like no other. Clarence Jazz Club (Calle Cañón, 5) (currently closed for renovations, but reopening in 2019) has already become a local favorite, and Jazz on the Wall (Pasillo de Santa Isabel, 5) is another great place to hear live music in Malaga and hosts several shows a week. Finally, the music school Centro de Artes y Música Moderna de Málaga (CAMM) hosts jazz jam sessions every Sunday at 1:3o p.m.

What's one of the best ways to enjoy live music in Malaga? Check out a jazz jam session!
A jazz concert is always a good idea! Photo credit: Richard Ha

Flamenco venues

If you visit Andalusia and don’t catch a flamenco show, you’re missing out. Flamenco is one of the best ways to experience live music in Malaga. Don’t miss the complete guide to where to see flamenco in Malaga.

The hauntingly beautiful sounds of flamenco provide one of the best experiences for listening to live music in Malaga!
Flamenco is the heart and soul of Andalusia.

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There are plenty of great spots to enjoy live music in Malaga. Here are just a few of the venues locals love for great tunes and great vibes.

Photo Credit: Ben Gesoff


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