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Rest & Relaxation at Villa de Olmedo

I had never heard of Olmedo, Spain. Located northwest of Madrid, this tiny town between Segovia and Valladolid was never even on my radar. But when I was invited to tour Quesaría Cantagrullas, I was forced to examine this small part of the Spanish map in order to find lodging for the night. I was hoping for a decent hostel or guest house at best, so I was shocked when I saw that Olmedo was actually home to a luxurious sounding hotel and spa: Hotel Balneario Villa de Olmedo

I contacted the hotel on its facebook page, hoping that they would have a last minute weekend discount. We ended up with a great deal for our spacious room, access to the thermal baths, and full breakfast buffet.

Our Room at Villa de Olmedo

Villa Olmedo Hotel Room
The rooms were spacious and comfortable.
Villa Olmedo View
A room with a view!

The Spa

Villa Olmedo Thermal Pools
Relaxing Thermal Pools at the Spa

Villa Olmedo Spa

Villa Olmedo Sauna
The gorgeous sauna room at Villa Olmedo

The Property

Villa Olmedo Patio

Villa Olmedo Lobby

Villa Olmedo Pool
It was too chilly for the outdoor pool but it looked lovely.

Breakfast Buffet

The breakfast buffet was delicious and I was too busy enjoying it to take any pictures. There was fresh fruit, Serrano ham, local cheeses, yogurts, various types of bread, jams, pastries, and cookies…

Villa Olmedo Breakfast Buffet
Fresh fruit, meats, and cheese were among the choices at breakfast.

A Great Place to Relax

Whether you live in Madrid and need a weekend escape, or you are traveling throughout all of Spain, I would definitely recommend Villa Olmedo for a night or two of relaxation. It is conveniently located on the way from Madrid to Valladolid, near various castles, wineries, and local farms.

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