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The Homeless Expat

“Home is where the heart is.” Well, that either means I have no heart or no home, because my heart is broken apart among family members I miss and beautiful places I’ve traveled, and my home is somewhere between Massachusetts and Madrid. A tiny piece of my heart is...
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Summer Renovations: Making Changes in Madrid

For some people, January first means setting goals and making changes. Others prefer to wait awhile and do some “spring cleaning” in their lives. And then there are people who do a sort of “back to school fall makeover”– new clothes, new books, new goals. Not too many people...
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15 Things I Miss About the US When In Spain

“The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side” This is my mother’s famous quote. And it’s true. When I’m in Spain I miss the US terribly, yet when I’m finally in the US it’s just the opposite! I’m never 100% satisfied. But what exactly do I miss when...
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Small Pleasures Equal Expat Bliss

I’m simple to please— a good food, good wine, good company kind of girl. The problem is I move a lot. Since graduating from high school in 2005 I’ve lived in Washington, DC, Worcester, MA, Amherst, MA, Granada, Spain, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Seville, Spain, El Puerto de Santa María,...
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My New Home

I can’t believe we’ve almost been in Madrid for a month now. It seems like we just moved in yesterday, and we’re still working on decorating, organizing, and making out little apartment more of a home! So far we’ve been lucky to find an awesome place! With a view:...
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