My Spain Story: My Family In Spain

Eagerly awaiting my family’s arrival.

By far one of the most exciting parts of getting married in Spain was being able to have my immediate family there with me to share my special day. It would not have been the same without them. All together, 12 of my family members were able to make the trip– my mom, dad, brother, sister, niece, 2 sets of aunt and uncle, cousin and best friend. It was exciting to greet them in the tiny Jerez de la Frontera Airport dividing them between various cars we had either rented or borrowed for the day.

I love showing off Spain to visitors, and despite having a lot going on with last minute wedding details, I was not going to let the opportunity to play tour guide pass me by. I planned a full itinerary for my family, left them a welcome package with maps, brochures and suggested restaurants, and planned to spend as much time with them as possible in the 10 days they were there.

Making a Paella
The Paella making process!

The first night Ale and I surprised them with a huge paella and welcome party at their rental house. We hired a private chef who was absolutely fantastic and prepared a delicious, authentic paella as day turned to night. My family was exhausted, but thrilled to try homemade Spanish food prepared by my mother-in-law, and typical pastries from El Puerto de Santa María.

Big Paella
The final result was delicious!
My Family in Spain
My family really enjoyed their time in Spain!
Family in Spain Party
My parents are enjoying my mother-in-law’s homemade food.

In the days leading up to the big day we didn’t venture far– but then again we didn’t have to. El Puerto is an amazing town once you get to know it. We were all staying in Valdelagrana, right on the beach, which allowed us to work on our tans and eat tapas on the boardwalk– a proper beach vacation!

Bella in Spain
My niece Bella loved Spain.

I’ll save the details of the wedding for the next post, but I will say it was fantastic, and my family had a great time. My 2-year-old niece did cry throughout the ceremony (as in blood curdling screams!) but other than that everything was wonderful. My mom and dad surprised us all by staying far longer than the other adults and my best friend somehow managed to communicate with all of Ale’s friends– whether they spoke English or not!

Spain Wedding
My entire family at the wedding.

Photo: María Benitez

Post wedding it was time for some tourism. We decided on Cadiz, Seville, and Jerez and spent one day in each place. Spain’s great train system helped us get around without any problems.

Highlights included an incredible seafood lunch in Cadiz, showing them the impressive Seville cathedral, and sipping sherry at a legendary sherry bar in Jerez.

Family in Spain 2
Introducing my brother & sister to a tostada con jamón!
Family in Spain 3
My Dad & Ale were twins in Cadiz. Bella looks out from the Seville Cathedral.
Jerez sherry bar
Our favorite Jerez sherry bar.

Overall, despite any extra stress or anxiety having 12 very different people under my control in a foreign country may have caused, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Having my family in Spain was extremely special and really, really fun. I can’t wait for the day that they return for a visit, although they’ll have to do without the wedding next time!

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Next Time: Getting Ready on Wedding Day

Have you ever had your family visit you in your “adopted” country? How was the experience?


  1. Yes, I have, but I’m so looking forward to them visiting for the big day! Only my parents, brother, and future sister-in-law can come, but … it’s awesome to have them here. It’ll be my sister-in-law’s first visit to Spain and my brother’s first time meeting Mario’s family. I totally agree that it is a lot of fun to “show off” Spain to your family. We probably won’t venture too far, as the final days will be upon (ya estamos “en la capilla,” like they say here), but still — yay! 🙂

    Loving your posts recently!

  2. My mom is coming next week and she’ll be my first family member to visit here. I’m so excited to show off Spain to her!

  3. “…and my best friend somehow managed to communicate with all of Ale’s friends– whether they spoke English or not!”

    I would say the somehow was the many brugal con naranjas. HA! Not to mention Ale’s friends were very nice, so that helped too.

    Amazing trip!

  4. Your niece is so cute! Though I imagine not so much during the scream fest at your ceremony, lol. Loving this series, Lauren! You have a beautiful Spain story 🙂

  5. Great memories Lauren! Ale and Dad look very cute. Some sherry from Jerez would be a nice treat next time you visit, right? Love you guys!!!!

  6. Really enjoying your posts and this series especially! We just got our first visitors and it was great to share that love of Spain and all the treasures. We created more Spain lovers! (We had friends visit last year but it wasn’t quite the same as we met up for a trip together so we were both in unfamiliar territory…good, but not quite the same.)

    Can’t wait to read more!

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