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Best Bites in Munich

munich best bites

Munich is a city that I could picture living in, and I rarely feel that way. Pretty and quaint, it boasts a lively central market, an enormous park, and a people who love nothing more than sitting out on a terrace with a cold beer and a snack (which is often a pretzel bigger than my head!). At first glance it definitely checks all the boxes, food included!

I must admit that I’ve never visited during the worst of winter, and I think the short days and cold weather could possibly change my mind (but Christmas markets, mulled wine, and lots of sausage and potatoes might change it back!).

Cheat Sheet: The Best Bites in Munich

  1. Schmalznudel at Schmalznudel Café Frischhut
  2. Soup at Müenchner Suppenküeche or Zwickl
  3. Rhabarbersaft (rhubarb juice)
  4. Schnitzel at Kaisergarten
  5. Hopf Spezial Weiße at Tegernseer Tal Brauhaus


Schmalznudel in Munich

A giant hunk of pastry perfection, schmalznudel is the German solution to fried dough, and it’s better than nearly any other I’ve tried. Made before your eyes in this institution of a café near the Viktualienmarkt, they are guaranteed to come out hot and crispy, and they achieve a light airiness that doesn’t make you feel guilty at all!

Schmalznudel Café Frischhut: Prälat-Zistl-Str. 8


best soup in Munich

Soups seemed to be everywhere in Munich, tempting us on each menu with the guarantee of warmth and comfort. If you visit Viktualienmarkt (Munich’s central market) a stop at the famous Münchner Suppenküche is a must. But my favorite soup of the trip was actually from a little restaurant right near the market called Zwickl. Their carrot ginger with sesame was bursting with flavor and served piping hot.

Rhubarb Juice

best bites in munich

Possibly my favorite juice ever (and I LOVE juice), you absolutely must order rhubarb juice (rhabarbersaft) whenever possible. Sweet and tangy, it makes the perfect alternative to (another) beer!


best schnitzel in Munich

Though Viennese in origin, Munich eating guides are filled with claims of the best schnitzel in Munich. I don’t know that this is the best (it’s the only one I tried) but it was absolutely delicious and extremely comforting.

Kaisergarten: Kaiserstraße 34


best beer in Munich

Is it really fair for one of my best bite picks to be beer? I think so. Munich is filled with beer gardens that offer great (albeit mostly traditional) brews. Whether you’re a beer drinker or not, you have to indulge at least once! I especially enjoyed the Hopf Spezial Weiße at Tegernseer Tal Brauhaus (a special wheat beer they serve).

Tegernseer Tal Brauhaus: Tal 8

Have you visited Munich? What was your best bite?


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