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Cas Xorc: A Foodie’s Paradise Hidden in Mallorca’s Mountains

Cas Xorc Hotel Review
Welcome to paradise!

Have you ever stayed at a place so beautiful that you could imagine staying forever? I recently had the pleasure of staying at Cas Xorc Boutique Hotel in Mallorca’s Tramuntana Mountains and began to seriously consider asking for a job!


Winding up the narrow and curvy mountain road, I feared we would never actually arrive at Cas Xorc, a beautiful looking agroturismo (country hotel) nestled deep in the mountains of Mallorca. When we finally pulled into the tiny parking lot, we made the wise decision to not move the car until we had to leave,– two days later!

As we wheeled our suitcases to the front door of the hotel, I was immediately enchanted. I’d told Ale that we were staying somewhere very “Instagrammable” and indeed we were. Every corner of the renovated farmhouse and its grounds was begging to be photographed.

Cas Xorc Hotel Mallorca
The beautiful restored farmhouse.
Beautiful chill out space at Cas Xorc boutique hotel in Mallorca.
Every inch of Cas Xorc is begging you to relax.

Cas Xorc is a former olive mill (which is still on display as the main feature of the indoor dining room) and was built in 1790. In 2000 Klaus C. Plönzke fell in love with the estate, and began to painstakingly restore Cas Xorc to become the incredible boutique hotel and restaurant it is today. No detail was left untouched, and the grounds (still filled with local hundred year old olive trees) are immaculate. Today it’s managed by a lovely man named Iñigo who was there to greet us and give us a tour of the property.

Cas Xorc Boutique Hotel
Some of the amazing outdoor dining space.
Cas Xorc Hotel Review
One of the resident cats.
Cas Xorc Boutique Hotel
The indoor library and reading room.

Rooms and Amenities

There are a total of just 15 rooms at Cas Xorc, which sleep about 35 guests. We stayed in a standard room and it was absolutely charming. Spacious enough to never feel claustrophobic, it had a beautiful bathroom (including a rain head shower), and a comfortable double bed. To be perfectly honest, we didn’t spend too much time in here (the grounds were just too pretty!) but it was certainly a great place to relax.

Cas Xorc Hotel Mallorca
The beautiful bedroom with a welcome bowl of delicious ripe fruit!


The location of Cas Xorc Boutique Hotel is absolutely stunning. Less than an hour from Palma, yet smack in the middle of the Tramuntana Mountains, the hotel is accessible only by winding mountain roads and it is truly a place to escape. The views of small towns like Soller and Puerto de Soller, complete with a sweeping view of the Mediterranean Sea, make it one of the most amazing places we’ve ever stayed. Their infinity pool is my definition of perfection.

Cas Xorc Restaurant
The view from the outdoor terrace at breakfast— stunning. You can see Puerto de Soller in the distance.
Cas Xorc restaurant Review
There were little nooks for reading or having a glass of wine all over the grounds.
Cas Xorc pool
The best infinity pool I’ve ever seen!

Our Stay

We spent a very relaxing two days at Cas Xorc, but it wasn’t nearly enough. We woke up each morning and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast on the outdoor terrace. One day we made full use of the pool and lounge chairs before a delicious dinner, and then next we opted for a hike to the towns of Soller and Puerto de Soller– a hot walk in the June sun, but doable and fun nonetheless.

Cas Xorc Hotel Review
Breakfast was here each morning.
Cas Xorc boutique hotel in Mallorca
On our way down the mountain.

Hike Tip: If you happen to stay here and do the same hike, it is about an hour to Soller and another hour to Puerto de Soller (we walked a bit slow because of the sun). But you can also take the tourist train from Soller to Puerto de Soller (and back if you wish), cutting walking time in half!

Cas Xorc boutique hotel in Mallorca
Some of the great views on our hike.
Cas Xorc boutique hotel in Mallorca
It’s about one hour to the first town, Soller.
Soller Mallorca Cas Xorc
A view of Soller from the distance.
Can Panxeta in Soller
A 100+ year old ensaimada shop just off of the main square in Soller called Can Panxeta.
Cas Xorc Hotel Soller
Beautiful Puerto de Soller, easily accessible from Cas Xorc.
Puerto de Soller from Cas Xorc
Fishing nets in the Soller Port.
Red prawns from soller
Enjoying the red prawns from Soller– a local delicacy!

For Foodies

Cas Xorc is a dream come true for food lovers. Surrounded by olive trees, the hotel stays true to its roots and makes a signature olive oil and black olive tapenade (click for recipe!). They employ fantastic local chefs in the kitchen, and offer an eclectic and always changing menu, a fresh and local breakfast buffet, a great wine list… what more could you ask for?

One of the talented Cas Xorc cooks in the kitchen!
One of the talented Cas Xorc cooks in the kitchen!

When we first arrived, it was lunchtime, and we’d already decided that we wouldn’t be hopping in the car again. We sat down on the terrace and ordered a delicious rice with monkfish and a glass of wine. It was a perfect start to our perfect stay.

Cas Xorc restaurant
A delicious rice with monkfish and clams.

Breakfast was also delicious, freshly squeezed juice from local oranges, warm breads with delicious Mallorcan charcuterie (including my favorite, sobrassada), fresh fruit and yogurt, eggs prepared to order, and great, GREAT coffee (so important). We always planned to eat a light breakfast, but somehow things never worked out that way…

Delicious breakfast at Cas Xorc hotel
Some of the many breakfast options at Cas Xorc.
Cas Xorc restaurant
Breakfast with a view!

We also had dinner at the Cas Xorc restaurant both nights– and had to reserve early each morning as 90% of the restaurant guests aren’t staying at the hotel! This allowed us to try a variety of the dishes on their small menu, which features a mix of international and Mallorcan flavors featuring local products. Iñigo told us that they always try to give their guests an experience that they wouldn’t be able to find in their home country and they constantly change and modify the menu. Everything was delicious (Ale said it was his favorite meal of the year!) and the wines we drank with our meals matched perfectly. I was crazy about their passion fruit dessert– if you go you must order it.

Cas Xorc restaurant review
Ale’s favorite dish: The local negrito fish with asparagus and arroz venere.
Restaurant Cas Xorc
My favorite was turbot with veggie skewers, clams and a tomato and caper vinaigrette.


Cas Xorc is one of the most relaxing hotel stays I’ve ever enjoyed. Their beautiful grounds, amazing views and warm hospitality was simply unforgettable.

Cas Xorc olive trees are beautiful and all over the grounds.
Baby olives just beginning to mature.
Cas Xorc vegetable garden
The quaint Cas Xorc vegetable garden.
Cas Xorc in Mallorca is an amazing boutique hotl with some of the bet views on the island!
One last glimpse at those amazing views!

Being there really made me think– why do I live in a city? Should I move into the mountains and restore an old farmhouse? Have a small veggie garden? Live off the land? This all sounds so tempting, but I’m sure it would be more work than imaginable in the end!

So I won’t be making such drastic changes right now, but perhaps I’ll take a yearly vacation to Cas Xorc while I weigh the pros and cons!

Cas Xorc Boutique Hotel and Restaurant

Carrer Deia, 1, Mallorca


I was graciously hosted for my two nights at Cas Xorc, but all opinions, photos and gushing praise are genuine and my own.


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