6 Hidden Gems in Valencia: Explore Off the Beaten Path

6 Hidden Gems in Valencia: Explore Off the Beaten Path

Many of the millions of tourists who visit Valencia each year go to see the city’s most iconic sites: the cathedral, the Central Market and more. However, while it’s easy to love these famous landmarks, there’s so much more to the city! There are many hidden gems in Valencia most tourists don’t even know exist. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the best hidden gems in Valencia that can take you on an unforgettable journey off the beaten path.

Best Hidden Gems in Valencia: How to Get Off the Beaten Path

1. Visit the narrowest house in Europe

This apartment building takes “cozy” to a whole other level! Measuring just 107 cm (about 3 and a half feet) wide, the narrow pink block tucked into Plaza Lope de Vega is considered the narrowest in Europe. The woman who lived there as a young girl says that she had to put on her First Communion dress outside because otherwise she wouldn’t have fit through the door!

While visitors can no longer visit the upper floors, architecture fans will love seeing antique photos of the quirky building, on display at tapas bar La Estrecha (meaning “the narrow”) next door. Be sure to take a tapas break while there, too!

Address: Plaza Lope de Vega, 9

Check out the narrowest house in Europe! It's one of the most unique hidden gems in Valencia.
Can you spot the narrowest house in Europe? It’s the skinny pink building hidden right in the middle!

2. Marvel at the street art in the El Carmen neighborhood

Much more than just graffiti, the street art that lines the walls of El Carmen is one of the most colorful hidden gems in Valencia. These artists take their work seriously, paying fine attention to detail and using professional paints. Although not originally sanctioned by the city, the artwork has become an institution in one of Valencia’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Check out the incredible street art in the El Carmen neighborhood if you're looking for hidden gems in Valencia!
You don’t have to be an art expert to appreciate El Carmen’s vibrant street masterpieces! Photo credit: Bizarre Globe Hopper

3. Relax in the Silk Museum courtyard

Even if you don’t visit the Silk Museum itself—though it’s recommended!—this peaceful courtyard is accessible from the outside. Part of the original medieval structure and dotted with Valencia’s famous orange trees, this beautiful patio is a calm escape right in the heart of the city. Bring a book or relax with a cup of coffee from the nearby café.

Address: Carrer del Museu de la Seda, 3

4. Meet Valencia’s friendly felines at the cat house

According to local legend, the former owner of this little blue house on Carrer del Museu left it as a refuge for the city’s stray cats. Local artists have dressed up the property, decorating the tiny home in traditional Valencian architecture and even planting a little “garden” off to the side. Even non-cat fans have to admit that this is one of the most adorable hidden gems in Valencia.

Address: Carrer del Museu, 11

Get off the beaten path! The cat house is one of the tiniest hidden gems in Valencia.
More than a haven for stray cats, Valencia’s “cat house” is a unique work of art with incredible detail. Photo credit: Atlas Obscura

5. Step into history at the Arab Baths

This ancient bath house is another remnant of Valencia’s Moorish past. Visitors can still see some of the restored 13th-century architecture. Besides that, you can even see many of the original colorful tiles from centuries past. Out of 10 bath houses that the Moors build in Valencia during this period, it’s the only one that remains.

Address: Carrer dels Banys de l’Almirall, 3-5

6. Eat your way through authentic local bars and restaurants

You’re probably hungry after a long day of exploring. Try getting off the beaten path by visiting some of the best gastronomic hidden gems in Valencia, tucked away in the city’s narrow streets, where most tourists wouldn’t even think to go. There’s a tapas bar in Valencia for everyone!

Taking a food tour is a great way to discover the most delicious hidden gems in Valencia!
New friends, delicious food and unforgettable memories await you!

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Experience a different side of Valencia! These hidden gems in Valencia will create unique memories to last a lifetime.

Photo credit: Verrassend Valencia

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