Spanish Thanksgiving Recipes - Delicious Dishes Inspired by Spain

Spanish Thanksgiving Recipes – Delicious Dishes Inspired by Spain

Spanish Thanksgiving recipes? But isn’t Thanksgiving an American (and Canadian!) holiday?

Sure– that’s true, but as an American living in Spain, I’ve hosted more Thanksgivings here than back home! And I have some fantastic tips and recipes for Spanish Thanksgiving recipes. These may not be traditional, but they sure are delicious… read on!

Spanish Thanksgiving Dishes
A Spanish style Thanksgiving! Photo by: Gonzalo Bacigalupe

My Favorite Spanish Thanksgiving Dishes

Here are some ideas for Spanish Thanksgiving recipes, from appetizers to sides to desserts– even leftovers! I’ve made most of these at some point, but don’t have a published recipe for all of them.

That said, a lot of these Thanksgiving ideas are easy and adaptable– and the name says it all. I love experimenting during the holidays!


Almond crusted fried goat cheese with honey
Sweet and savory fried goat cheese with honey.


Best cava sangria recipe
Delicious holiday sangria! Photo by Chris Potako on flickr CC


Spanish Thanksgiving dishes and recipes
I love spending time with my family at Thanksgiving!


Spanish style green beans recipe
Spanish style green beans!


Spanish Cheesecake
Spanish style cheesecake is to die for!


  • Turkey croquettes (use my recipe for ham croquettes but sub shredded leftover turkey instead!)
  • Baked turkey empanada (use my recipe for this tuna empanada and sub turkey!)
Thanksgiving turkey croquettes
Thanksgiving leftover turkey croquettes are a great way to use leftover turkey!

I’ll keep adding to this list of Spanish Thanksgiving dishes as I continue hosting Thanksgiving feasts here in Spain!

And if you have any ideas that you think I should add, please leave me a comment!

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19 Spanish Thanksgiving dishes like Manchego mashed potatoes and chorizo cornbread. The perfect way to add a Spanish twist to Thanksgiving!


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