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A Walk Around Leitza

Home to just under 1,000 inhabitants, you may wonder how on earth I ended up walking around the quaint yet strange town of Leitza, located in Northern Navarra, Spain. I’d never heard of Leitza before visiting as a part of my trip to Northern Navarra, but our hosts promised...
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Restaurante Orgi: Modern Cuisine in Rural Navarra

Located in the small town of Lizaso in the beautiful Ulzama Valley, Restaurante Orgi is one of Northern Navarra’s culinary gems. Easily accessible to those in the area (and worth the trip for those who aren’t) this Navarran restaurant is located only a short drive from the gorgeous Robledal...
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10 Things to do in Northern Navarra

We pulled into the train station in Pamplona, the capital of Navarra, Spain (or Navarre in English– but that just sounds weird!) famous for its yearly running of the bulls. But we weren’t there to see the city, we’ll have to save its many charms for another time. We...
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