5 Fabulous Malaga Coffee Shops with Free Wifi You Should Check Out

5 Fabulous Malaga Coffee Shops with Free Wifi You Should Check Out

This blog post was originally posted on September 22, 2015 and was updated on August 24, 2017.

When traveling, a great café with a good vibe and free wifi is key. Even when on vacation, being able to check the internet for travel information or even to book train tickets for a spur of the moment destination can come in handy.  And while it’s true that you can always stop into Dunkin’ Coffee or Starbucks to use their internet, going into a chain just because you need to check something online isn’t always the right answer. There are some great little cafes with internet in Malaga that have that perfect vibe and a great cup of coffee to boot. Head to one of these cafés with free wifi in Malaga to support a local business and get your fill of the internet and caffeine.

Best Cafes in Malaga with Free Wifi


1. Recyclo Bike Café

You’ll love Recyclo Bike for several reasons. It has a fantastic location just a block away from Atarazanas Market, good coffee and smoothies, and nice music, making it the perfect place to spend a bit of time catching up on your email as you sip your coffee. If you’re planning to rent a bike next door, make sure that you let them know because you get a discount at the cafe. How can you go wrong with coffee, wifi and bike rental on your doorstep?

Address: Calle Marqués Villafiel, 4

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One of our favorite coffee shops with free internet in Malaga is the Recyclo Bike Cafe. If you rent a bike next door, tell them and you get a discount!
A creamy café con leche at Recyclo Bike Café.

2. Café con Libros

Café con Libros is a classic coffee shop with internet in Malaga, and it couldn’t be easier to find as it’s located just down the street from Picasso’s home in the Plaza de la Merced. Here they offer a delicious brunch, as well as a fun terrace where you can even sit on a swing as you sip your coffee.

If the weather isn’t great, head inside to the cozy back room—whether you’re sitting on the terrace or not, the coffees, teas and smoothies are well worth your time, and it’s the perfect place to take a break in the center of Malaga.

Address: Plaza Merced, 19

Café con Libros is a great café with free wifi in Malaga. We love coming for brunch on Sundays!
A croissant with ham and cheese, OJ and coffee at Café con Libros

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3. El Ultimo Mono

El Ultimo Mono (which translates to “the last monkey”) will take you by surprise. Due to its location right in between Plaza de la Constitución and the cathedral, it might seem like it would be filled with tourists—but luckily, this spot couldn’t be more authentic.

This unassuming coffee shop with free internet is serving up quality smoothies and juices—they’ll even let you pick the fruits right then and there—and if you’re hungry, make sure you try one of the delicious muffins or coffees. The eclectic decor might have you thinking of your favorite hipster hangout back home, but with a mix of locals, expats and travelers, it’s the perfect spot to plan your itinerary for exploring Malaga.

Address: Calle Sta. María, 9

With fresh smoothies and juices, El Ultimo Mono is another of our favorite coffee shops with free internet in Malaga
El Ultimo Mono is a classic hipster cafe.

4. Julia Bakery

With its delicious baked goods, artisan coffee and chill vibe, Julia Bakery is the perfect spot to get a bit of work done, check your email or upload a photo or two to Facebook. Try the homemade scones or the delicious cupcakes (the dulce de leche flavor is simply too good to resist). This is a fantastic cafe with free wifi in Malaga, but is worth the visit whether you need the internet or just a sugar fix.

Address: Calle Carretería, 44

Julia Bakery specializes in good coffee and sweet treats! A great cafe with free wifi just off the beaten path in Malaga
Delicious baked goods at Julia Bakery

5. Dulces Dreams

Dulces Dreams is the café in the lobby of a boutique hostel in the historic center. A creamy cup of café con leche, a delicious toast with ricotta and honey, and the internet are all the makings of an enjoyable hour or two spent here. You’ll also love the simple decor and friendly service, so it’s definitely worth a stop when looking for that perfect cafe in Malaga!

Address: Plaza Mártires, 6

Dulces Dreams is a coffee shop with free internet that has a great vibe and delicious treats!
Simple and delicious ricotta and honey toast at Dulces Dreams

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Sometimes it's hard to find a place that offers good coffee and free internet, but in Malaga there are a couple favorite places to check email and get some work done while enjoying great coffee. Here are the top five cafes with free wifi in Malaga.


  1. Thank you, very helpful! Sometimes it’s nice to sort and publish my photos from another location than my apartment. And even without the wifi, these look like really nice cafes which I’m sure I will enjoy during my 8 day stay in Málaga.

  2. Some great coffee shops there!

    I’d add a new one in Málaga city to your list – La bella Julieta on Calle Puerta del Mar. La bella Julieta’s original coffee shop is in Torre del Mar (we have breakfast there most Sundays) but they have just opened in Málaga city. Delicious breads, coffees, smoothies and free wifi too. What’s not to love? 🙂

  3. I also like Noviembre. Loads of choice for breakfasts and other meals, nice coffee and fruit juices, strong wifi signal, mellow vibe.

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