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Visiting Cordoba in Summer

Visiting Cordoba in Summer

I never thought I’d ever be visiting Cordoba in summer. Especially in August– 110°F+ weather just isn’t my thing. But when Ale had to head to Cordoba to fix a problem at a solar plant (that’s right, not only did he have to go to Cordoba in August, he had to fix a problem in a freaking solar plant!) I decided I couldn’t pass up the chance to eat salmorejo, my favorite Spanish summer food, straight from the motherland.

But between bowls of the refreshing Andalusian soup, I managed to brave the heat and do some sightseeing. I’d visited Cordoba before, but not for a few years. It was as gorgeous as I remember, simply magical both by day and night. Walking around without a plan is my favorite way to see this small city, and getting lost in the labyrinth of the old Jewish quarter is a must. For hotel options check out Hotelscan; we found a decent hotel with a pool while driving down (it was August after all!).

Braving the Heat in Cordoba

Cordoba bridge
The Roman bridge connecting my hotel to the historic part of town. It was even prettier by night!
Visiting Cordoba in Summer
The main square across from the bridge. At night a violinist would play here for hours, as locals sat and listened.
Visiting Cordoba in Summer
A hovering tower at one end of the bridge.
Visiting Cordoba in August
A statue dedicated to the Archangel San Rafael.
Cordoba in the summer
In the gorgeous Plaza del Triunfo.
Cordoba door knocker
Knock knock…
Cordoba Jewish neighborhood
Cordoba’s Jewish quarter is a labyrinth of picturesque streets.
Corboda in August
Inside the Jewish quarter.
Cordoba window flowers
The city is filled with brightly colored flowers.
Cordoba Jewish quarter
“I’ve found a shortcut” Street!
Cordoba fortress in August
We visited the fortress gardens in the early morning.
Cordoba flowers
Flowers of every color.

Cordoba alcazar

visiting Cordoba in summer

visiting Cordoba in summer

Cordoba gardens

Would I go back to Cordoba in mid-August? I’m not sure! While the cold salmorejo and refreshing Montilla-Moriles wines certainly helped, it was definitely unbearably hot at midday. That said, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, and in the evening it was very similar to the temperature in Madrid. So if you are visiting Spain in August I wouldn’t necessarily skip Cordoba (it is truly an amazing city), just be realistic about the heat and don’t take on too much!

Have you visited a very hot place like Cordoba in summer? Unbearable or worth it?


  1. My boyfriend and I went to Mérida to apartment hunt this August… So hot! I don’t know if I’m cut out for Spanish summers that don’t involve frequent beaching. We saved most of the sights to go see when we actually move there so it won’t be so hot and we can actually enjoy them. Beautiful pictures!

  2. I lived in Córdoba for 6 months as an Erasmus student and I loved it!! I arrived in September luckily so didn’t have to brave the August heat, but it was still pretty boiling for a couple of months. And then after the winter passed we started sunbathing in February! It’s an amazing city to live in and your photos have captured it so well.

  3. hi there!! we just visited La Azotea 2 nights ago upon your recommendation – it was AMAZING! We will be visiting cordoba and granada in the following days. would you have any food recommendations for those places as well? thanks and hope to hear from you!

    thanks for sharing on Azotea!!! we went to Brunalida today – but unfortunately it was closed!

    1. Hello! I’m so happy you liked La Azotea! It’s a great place. I definitely have some recommendations in Granada and Cordoba, here you go: (These are from my food tour partner James, but I’ve been to Regadera and Garum 2.1 and enjoyed both especially!). As for Granada: and my favorite Moroccan restaurant in Granada (hopefully still there!)

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