My Best Bites of 2016


Looking back at photos of 2016 something became quite clear– I worked a lot! Apart from an incredible getaway to Tenerife at the start of the year and another to Galicia and Pozos in summer, my year was spent traveling mostly for work. How do I feel about this? Mixed feelings, to be honest. On the one hand, I LOVE WHAT I DO. Building food and wine tours across the country is something I am extremely passionate about. Connecting small, family-run businesses to curious, respectful travelers is a mission I embrace. But… sometimes I also want to be a curious traveler! I want to visit places like Japan, Thailand, Vietnam… and take the great food tours that people like me are offering there.

Balance is tricky for anyone, and especially when running a small business. Despite not traveling much outside of Spain this year, I have been happy to have had more time to cook, I received the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits (a challenge during our high season!), successfully launched our Devour Malaga tours, and continued to build an awesome team alongside my partners James and Alejandro. I’ve read over thirty books, tried a bunch of different workouts (and found one I love), spent time with family… politics aside, I really can’t complain!

But for 2017, I have made some big travel plans too. Marrakech and the Sahara Desert in February, a wine conference in Sicily in March, Thailand in April or May (my first time in Asia!!!), and hopefully much more in the second half of the year. I know how inspiring travel is for me, and am making it a priority in 2017.

Devour Spain has big plans too– but that’s for another post 😉

While I may not have traveled wide and far this year, I did manage to still eat quite well. Here are the highlights of my year– I hope they will inspire you to travel more in 2017 too!

1. Fried cheese in Tenerife (queso a la plancha con miel de palma)

Tenerife grilled cheese
Queso a la plancha

Our trip to Tenerife last February was incredible– it’s a place I’m dying to return. One of the best things we tasted was this simple grilled cheese with palm honey, and a roasted grain flour called gofio.

2. Artichokes from Meson Mariano

Malaga tapas tour -- artichokes
The best artichokes in Malaga!

In planning our Malaga tapas tours, we discovered one of Spain’s best tapas bars. Mesón Mariano is famous for its artichokes, and they are to die for. Join our tours to taste them– and much more!

3. Espetos in Malaga

Espetos-- fish skewers in Malaga food tours
Espetos in Malaga

The beating sun, seaside views, and grilled fish on skewers. This is the life. There is nothing better than heading out to one of Malaga’s chiringuitos (casual beachside bars) and ordering heaps of fresh fish and seafood, all washed down with local wine. We were in t-shirts in February– truly incredible.

4. Calçots in Barcelona

Calcots in Barcelona-- a day trip to eat calcots

Going to an authentic calçotada (a Catalan barbecue, with local onions and grilled meats) was a highlight of the year. So messy, so delicious, so much fun! It was so special, that it inspired our newest Barcelona food tour— a pop-up tour that will only happen a few times a year. Guests visit an authentic calçotada on a delicious day trip right outside of Barcelona.

5. Homemade tuna stew in Vejer

Tuna stew at a cooking class in Vejer
Atún encebollado

I finally made it back to the gorgeous white village Vejer to cook with fellow foodie and sherry expert, Annie. Our tuna themed cooking class resulted in the best atún encebollado (tuna and onion stew) I’ve ever had. Check out the full experience here!

6. Homemade profiteroles in France

Homemade profiteroles
Profiteroles Chantilly cream
Stuffed with raspberry Chantilly cream

I never knew how delicious a profiterole could be until I made them in France! As a part of a blogtrip I was invited on, we made the most delicious Chantilly cream filled pastries. The only regret was making them after a big lunch– I truly wished I’d had an extra stomach (or a Tupperware!).

7. Ham and sherry pairing in Seville

Las Teresas on tapas and wine tour in Seville
Las Teresas
ham and sherry tour in Seville
Manzanilla y jamón ibérico de bellota

Ham and sherry wines are a match made in heaven and one that we highlight on our Seville wine tour. Las Teresas is where you’ll find some of the best ham in Seville (and maybe Spain), hand carved by the owner himself.

8. Steamers in Cape Cod

Steamer clams in Cape Cod
Cape Cod steamers

Despite being born and raised in Massachusetts and growing up spending summers on the Cape, I’d never tried steamers, soft-shelled clams. This summer I had the opportunity to return to Cape Cod with my family, and these were definitely a highlight of the local bites! If in the area, try them at the BYOB Moby Dick’s restaurant.

9. Wellfleet oysters

Juicy Wellfleet oysters
Juicy Wellfleet oysters

Another discovery were Wellfleet oysters. As a kid, I wouldn’t touch them, but now they haunt my dreams! I can’t wait to return to the Cape and enjoy these again.

10. Cape Cod lobstah rolls

Lobster Roll
New England Lobster roll
Lobster roll
A perfect lunch tray!

And, of course, a summer trip to Cape Cod would never be complete without some bulging lobster rolls. These came from Mac’s Shack in Wellfleet– so, so good!

11. Persian food in Madrid

Comida persa en Madrid
Persian food
Banibanoo in Madrid
So delicious and healthy

A new favorite restaurant in Madrid is undoubtedly the delicious Iranian eatery, Banibanoo. If I had a personal chef, I’d want to eat like this every day.

12. Local peaches in brandy sauce with Chef Esmeraldo

Peaches and brandy
Fresh peaches
Brandy peaches

This summer I had the chance to return to Pozos(a gorgeous town in León) for another culinary retreat with the talented Chef Esmeraldo of Esme Tours. Among many other things, he cooked these delicious peaches with Brandy de Jerez and berries– one of the best desserts of the year.

13. Rice with scallops and hake cheeks in Galicia

Galicia rice with scallops
The best rice in the world
rice in Vigo
I want more!

There’s rice– then there is arroz! And this Galician arroz con vieras y cocochas (rice with scallops and hake cheeks) was one of the best rice dishes I’ve ever tried. I’d seriously fly to Vigo one day just to eat this again.

14. Spicy mussels in Vigo, Galicia

Spicy mussels in Vigo
Spicy mussels in Vigo

Mussels are everywhere in Galicia– but they aren’t all created equal! Served au natural or with a spicy sauce, these ones in Vigo were incredibly flavorful and perfect with the local wines.

15. Red prawns in Madrid

Red prawns at Celso y Manolo
Red prawns at Celso y Manolo

One of the meals I most enjoyed this year took place just steps from my house at one of my favorite Madrid tapas bars, Celso y Manolo. I tried their red prawns, which were perfectly cooked and extremely flavorful. I enjoyed them shell and all, popping off the head and sucking out the brains (the best way to have them!).

16. Lamb in La Rioja

Lamb in La Rioja
The best lamb I’ve had in Spain.

I celebrated my 30th birthday with a trip to La Rioja– and my mom flew in to surprise me! We spent a few days visiting wineries and eating delicious local dishes like this grilled lamb. I’d highly recommend the family run restaurant near our hotel, Asador Aker.

17. Cockles in Santiago de Compostela

Delicious food on Santiago tapas tour
Santiago’s fresh seafood

I’d tried these tiny clams called cockles a few times prior, but nothing ever compared to the fresh ones we found in Santiago de Compostela. One of Spain’s hidden foodie gems, Santiago is brimming with delicious seafood, generous tapas, and amazing wines. Though famous for rain, I visited in August and again in December and saw nothing but sunshine. We will definitely be back soon!

That’s 2016 in a nutshell. It was a great year personally, though obviously not so great worldwide. I have a great feeling about 2017– I am excited to hopefully do some great things personally and professionally. And I hope to blog more here– I really miss it!

How are you feeling about 2017? Has your year gotten off to a great start? 


  1. Hi, I wanted to get ahold of you regarding a recipe for Spanish Oliveoil cake I found on Pinterest. I am doing a bridal shower with a “Travel The Med” theme since the couple will be cruising for their honeymoon. I was simply hoping to get the Spanish meme for this cake recipe. Is that something you can help with?

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