5 Absolutely Breathtaking White Villages in Malaga You Have to See

5 Absolutely Breathtaking White Villages in Malaga You Have to See

This blog post was originally posted on August 19, 2015 and was updated on March 9, 2017

Your visit to Malaga wouldn’t be complete without a side trip to one of the beautiful white villages outside of the city. While the capital deserves plenty of love for its historic center, delicious food, walks along the pier and world-class museums,  tucked up in the hills around the province are the famous pueblos blancos, or white villages of the region. They are bursting with charm, flowers, and true Andalusian flavor. Here are just five of the most beautiful white villages in Malaga to get you started.

5 Spectacular White Villages in Malaga

1. Mijas

Mijas, located to the west of the city, is a gorgeous little white village that overlooks the sea from high above in the mountains. It’s home to a famous balcony lookout where you get a spectacular view of the Mediterranean at sunset. Another great idea is to simply spend time wandering around the streets with their white washed homes and narrow passageways, just taking in the charm that makes Mijas one of the most beautiful white villages in Malaga.

Foodie Tip: If you are a chocolate lover, stop by the Mayan Monkey Mijas Chocolate Factory to make your own chocolate bar. As far as traditional foods go, look for ajoblanco, gazpachuelo, or fresh fish.

Mijas is one of our favorite white towns to visit in Malaga.
Just one of the gorgeous streets in Mijas. Photo credit: Siim Teller

2. Casares

Casares is another of the white villages in Malaga that’s of Moorish origin. It has been named an Historical-Artistic Site, and if that weren’t enough, it’s also home to the ruins of a Medieval castle—nothing beats a white town with a castle!

As is to be expected in this town tucked up into the mountains, the streets are steep and narrow. It has been named a “hanging village” for this reason. Casares was once upon a time home to Blas Infante (writer, politician and father of Andalusian nationalism) and you can visit his home, as well as a cultural center that bears his name.

Foodie Tip: The typical dishes from Casares are made with baby goat (cabrito). Try the morcilla de cabrito with onions or as part of a stew. Another option is the gazpacho casareño and the artisanal goat cheese from the region of the Sierra Crestellina.

Beautiful blue skies over the white town of Casares. Absolutely worth a visit during your time in Malaga
Beautiful blue skies over the white town of Casares. Photo credit: Picmasta

3. Ronda

You’ve probably seen pictures of Ronda with its impressive gorge and arched bridge. This beautiful town is about 100 kilometers from Malaga capital and it is the third most visited destination in Andalusia. Ronda is also known among the white villages of Malaga as one of the birthplaces for bull fighting, and you can visit the small bull ring in town.

While you’re there, make sure to check out the Palace of Mondragón. The palace was constructed in 1314 by King Abomelik and was later used as one of the homes for the Catholic Monarchs, Isabella and Ferdinand. You will also find the museum of the history of Ronda and some beautiful gardens.

Foodie Tip: You’ve probably heard all about the sweet wines from Malaga, but in the area around Ronda, there are some gorgeous red, white and rosé wines being made. You can visit a bodega, or just make sure to sample some local wines with your meal.

As for food, Ronda’s location up in the mountains makes it perfect for growing vegetables and legumes. Try the broad beans with tomato, garlic and ham. Ronda is also a good place to go hunting, so another good option is the rabbit or partridge. For dessert try the pestiños, yemas del Tajo or the rosquillas de Ronda.

Ronda, Spain
The stunning landscape of Ronda.

4. Frigiliana

Frigiliana is one of the most beautiful white villages in Malaga, with roads that get windier the farther away you get from the coast. The town is full of steep and narrow cobblestone streets, so explore on foot, as there are lots of little bars and shops hidden in this maze of streets.

Foodie Tip: The famous cane syrup (miel de caña) is produced right here in Frigiliana. It’s delicious drizzled over fried eggplant slices. Other delicious dishes to try include migas (delicious bread crumbs adorned with chorizo, fried green peppers, and sometimes even grapes or oranges), or ajo blanco (a cold garlic and almond soup).

One of the white villages in Malaga that we love to visit for a day trip from Malaga. The winding streets are so charming and you can try the delicious miel de caña with eggplant!
The steep and winding streets of Frigiliana. Photo credit: Drodriva

5. Comares

Comares is a small white village found in the mountains of the Axarquia. The town, of Moorish origin, is often called the “balcony of the Costa del Sol with its gorgeous views. It’s full of narrow streets, whitewashed homes and potted geraniums, making it a perfect place to walk around and enjoy the Andalusian small town beauty.

Make sure to look at the remains of the fortress, the underground reservoir that dates back to the 13th century and the Monument to the “Fiestero,” commemorating Comares’ status as one of the places famous for verdiales (a typical folk music from Malaga).

Foodie Tip: Comares is known for its olive oils, wines and almonds. If you’re looking for a meal, make sure to try the gazpachuelo or the sopa de puchero.

Comares is one of the most picturesque white villages in Malaga. This view point is one of the most photographed in the town!
One of the picturesque views of the white town of Comares. Photo credit: Alain Fisher

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There are so many beautiful white villages in Malaga! Here are our top five to visit!

Photo Credit: Drodriva

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